The new era of Shopping is here to stay. Related: How Covid-19 … Engage your viewers with high-quality video content that transforms e-commerce into an unforgettable experience. Livestream shopping is no different and requires an equal amount of dedication from the hosts. In August Instagram Live Shopping was made available in the U.S. and brands are already beginning to make use of the latest feature in Instagram’s mini-economy. Here's How to Nail the Art of Making Sales Entertaining Thanks to Covid lockdowns, live shopping broadcasts are finally taking off in the U.S. Similarly to in-person shopping, prospective buyers can interact with the host via comments. Contact Us. They can ask questions about the products being showcased, request to see the inside or different angles of certain items, ask about size or feel. Available on Apple and Android Devices!. Shop at home for the best deals on watches, apparel, electronics, home décor and more. It helps you bring an in-store experience to your customers homes. Because their followings are smaller, they tend to have more targeted insights into the kind of content or products their audience is looking for. E-commerce Livestream Shopping Is Here to Stay. This level of interaction between consumers and livestream hosts creates a more dynamic environment. By the end of 2020 this number is expected to grow 170 billion dollars, according to the business news outlet. This is something livestream shopping looks to rectify. 15 Free eCommerce Cost Calculators to Help You Set Up Shop, 15 Top eCommerce Plugins to Power Your eCommerce Site in 2021, How to Start an E-Commerce Business in 2021 | The Ultimate Guide, The Relationship Between Content and Commerce, 11 Top OnlyFans Stars to Check Out (Not Just for Their Racy Pics). While big names in the influencer world such as Kim Kardashian have recently hosted events, having a million followers doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good host. Livestream shopping presents a good opportunity for brands and micro-influencers to work together and generate high levels of user engagement. © Copyright 2021 |, a product of Oveit, Inc. Commentary: Livestream or video shopping, which has its roots in China, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It is a tool that forward-thinking brands can utilize to engage new audiences both foreign and domestic, in a space where experimentation is ripe. Once you have convinced your viewers, they are just one click away for buying your products. ShopHQ TV Stream | Watch On Air Now Get your products in front of your viewers in a more engaging way, answer their questions and turn them into customers. Micro-influencers check off these two boxes. All this is done to ensure that the audience remains engaged throughout. The answer is in the way in which Chinese social media platforms are set up. They shouldn’t be expected to showcase anything that doesn’t mesh well with their personal brand. With items selling out in a matter of seconds, live shopping can be a lucrative venture for those involved. In a live stream hosted by a popular influencer, the brand saw an opportunity to merge live shopping and makeup tutorials. Integrate the shopping experience deeper into your processes. When you sell products through Live Shopping on Facebook, you are live streaming as you feature your products. This has left brands from these regions looking towards the eCommerce giant that is China to inform their forays into livestream shopping. But while the best livestream hosts boast higher engagement rates, putting on a good event takes more than just a name and an engaged following.

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