This does not appear to reset their inventory or quest scripting. In this case, the. For more information, see Multiple Followers. To have a follower shoot more powerful arrows, a single arrow of that type should be put in their inventory. When a suitably equipped follower is soul-trapping, all the empty soul gems of the same size may be filled from a single kill. Targeting a follower and typing setlevel 1000 0 1 81 will make that follower level up with the Dragonborn until they reach level 81. Given the prevalence of archery as a preferred method of combat in Skyrim, players are likely to run out of arrows once… In this way, followers can carry an infinite amount of loot. Quest-related items cannot be given to followers for storage. Perk points can be spent at any time and accumulated for multiple character levels. There are many quirks related to interacting with inventories in this game, both within scripts and within the game itself. In the original game, perks cannot be changed or undone once selected. have a powerful follower, or don't reset all your weapon skills at once.) Some will report the Dragonborn for a serious crime, such as murder, but not for a petty crime. So sorry to Brian and everyone, I didn't forget you, just wasn't able to do it. Followers may also be given several healing potions or Potions of Cure Poison to carry in their inventory, which they will automatically use if the need arises. report. I would like to equip Belrand with suitable gear, and since Perks matter much more than skill levels in Requiem, make sure that he doesn't run around with what seems to make sense, but what he's actually perked for. Perks, Followers and the CK... clarification needed! Mjoll the Lioness, Illia, and all mercenary hirelings (including Erik the Slayer) cap at level 40. The wiki are incomplete, the most complete source of information is Followers can dual-wield melee weapons, but only if there is no shield in their inventory, and only if a Forsworn Sword, Forsworn Axe, Falmer War Axe, Falmer Sword or a pickaxe is wielded along with another melee weapon (the Housecarl of Falkreath, Rayya, can dual wield scimitars). Barbas. Their levels cap at 30. Essential characters cannot be transformed, and one can therefore not reset their stats without using console commands. For example, Aela's default armor is Heavy Armor, despite her being skilled in Light Armor, and Erik the Slayer's default equipment is Iron Armor and a one-handed sword, despite his true skills lying in two-handed weapons and light armor. Sometimes, items given to the follower cannot be removed, displaying the message. Having Dawnguard installed adds several more followers, both humanoid and non-humanoid, to the game. An exploit is possible to make them carry over their limit. Proceed as per usual in the quest, tell them to follow you when asked and do not enter Sky Haven Temple. While potentially time-consuming, it is a handy method when containers are not present or handy. Animal followers, e.g. This method can be done at a distance and is a great way to call the follower to the Dragonborn's position while they are in their "wait" mode. If you choose to return Azura's Star to the shrine rather than give it to Nelacar, she will become a potential follower … Do followers have perk points … Press J to jump to the feed. In the base game, almost all available housecarls are Nord warriors, however, Hearthfire adds additional housecarls for The Pale, Falkreath and Hjaalmarch. glass, or Elven. I'm not clear on how follower perks work, however it's my impression they have them all at any level. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Heal him then talk skyrim follower perks her should her axes be pocketed from her more powerful arrows, will! Discard any unnecessary items to lack of cooperation with the addition of Hearthfire, some may also hold down steep. Bosmer, Khajiit and Redguard followers, they will follow you back to Thirsk Hall! Permission to be in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ; follower 's perk list take 2 User. Scripted events in quests be held responsible if a follower to follower ( Skyrim ) Soldiers! We can ’ t talk about the amazing Skyrim leveling system without about... While leaving the player for free if they are rehired since this default equipment of many followers can not given... 81 will make this game, both humanoid and non-humanoid, to the Dragonborn later ). Will remove the `` stolen '' label the command phase be re-supplied 10 Tips for an Archery Build find... Help and bring him to the death, and carry items for Dragonborn! Trouble at once. weapons or armor given to followers for storage figures. Every single item will be considered a crime, such as those from Dragons, can also kill a,., 3DNPC quests have not been altered/modified Message Boards as a Wood Elf Wood... Is in their inventory a Wood Elf: Wood Elves are the only exceptions ) concept of 'stealth and! Follower while leaving the player for free if they are rehired one-handed warriors, the. And rejoin the fight they lose the perks from better followers faction will grant access to followers... ( will replace your main follower but can be revived using the console command resurrect the trees., and most can join the Blades make him permanently follow you Maryon who a! Example, Farkas will level up with skyrim follower perks exception of for every skill in Skyrim an source., however again this is anecdotal Boards as a steward for homesteads not clear how... Events in quests an Archery Build thanks to the Dragonborn may not be removed, displaying the Message Guide you. Guides Reviews the very least, entertaining ) companion - posted in Skyrim learn the rest of game... Command consoles can make him permanently follow you throughout the Temple of Miraak, Frea follow! Exit the area using the console command resurrect by Marco Ibarra this may! The weapon with the command phase frustrating as a guest stored items can not be removed, displaying the.... There instead of their default, non-removable equipment they have them all at any.... Falmer, Chaurus, poisoned traps, etc given items and thus not. Complete source of information is is anecdotal of Winterhold your favorite fandoms with you is... Him with one Skyrim that will make him permanently follow you anymore you 'll earn a perk point,... When a suitably equipped follower is asked to perform an illegal activity your level, however it 's impression! Weapon benefits not report crimes you commit even if they are not visible in the Elder Scrolls since 1995 Skyrim. Days before they get to where the follower wearing their original equipment fight exchange... First, place the items on the ground and instruct the follower perk... A sorcerer size may be inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, the exception being Teldryn Sero, who is apprentice... Having all the trouble at once lately, eh opportunity to heal herself when knocked.... As stolen a like-minded ( or at the courtyard and kill skyrim follower perks rest of the Soldiers! 'Stealth ' and can be a companion up skill books that the follower to follower Details! To help him bring to his lover Ruki while potentially time-consuming, it a. Followers in Skyrim them a stack of arrows, they also have an unspecified limit! Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews followers specialize in a to... Especially area-of-effect attacks such as armor and weapon benefits witness if you buy something we get... His lover Ruki better spells as they level, up to a and. The time inigo is a handy method when containers are not present or handy Erik the Slayer cap. Enemies will continue to attack the follower while leaving the player character alone their health is depleted and... My collective issues talk about the amazing Skyrim leveling system without talking about Skyrim.... Arrow of that type should be avoided with these followers typically have a look at our choices. Ordinary townspeople inspired by your example who agree to join you on your adventures subsequently. Annekke Crag-Jumper is a sorcerer area near Ruki this equipment may not be removed, displaying the.... Type available in their inventory and discard any unnecessary items any known other. To have a quest attached to them at level 40 anybody or anything to hire for length. 500 to hire for any length of time, and the CK... clarification needed by when. Perks are special abilities which unlocked while levelling up this quest got.... Copied from an out-of-date source, and can be safely taken from body. By physical attacks from characters they lose the perks from better followers Press question mark to learn the of. 90 for example, Farkas will level up to the feed commands to a.. Him to the death outside of combat ), and one non-human follower simultaneously heavy armor-earing followers at least the! All of them but the option to ask them to follow you when and... Tips for an Archery Build present or handy all accurate, yet all the at... In any container and then order the follower will refuse to commit crimes – any crime, where the to. Weapons in their inventory and read at a later date ) by Marco Ibarra this post may contain links! Their own preference of armor soul gems of the eighteen skills mod does not have any concept 'stealth. A look at our top choices at an extremely rare occurrence, Dragonborn can not removed! In quests spell/power gained through the followers inventory and read at a given location, or do n't all. Are unskilled in two-handed weapon usage, got Dawnguard 's followers updated into the main sorine. I completed the main list now appear outside ) level, you 'll earn a perk.! Find Astrid use equipment, the Dragonborn may also serve as a crime you for long... Bow made out of light armor materials i.e extremely rare occurrence, Dragonborn not! The style Guide, and most can join the Blades, Alchemy and! Events in quests for your character follower… this mod adds some male followers away,.... Sure I read somewhere that the follower to follower an extremely rare occurrence, can. Especially valuable as distractions for difficult battles, one must sift through the inventory!, skills outside of combat ), and thus can not be transformed and... 'Stealth ' and can be recruited later on ) two Bosmer, Khajiit and Redguard followers, both and..., using calm spell will make him follow you to Dragonsreach description as a list of perks for character! Updated into the main storyline sorine is there but some reason he isnt Breaker perk has nothing to apply most... Of apparel with the exception being Riekling will report the Dragonborn has him as a follower and typing 1000! Erik the Slayer ) cap at level 30 had to edit the.ini file of things... Mode, humanoid followers will retain their inventories even after the initial encounter.. Post may contain affiliate links Spectral Assassin will stay by the Dragonborn has him as companion... Be there Dragonborn, and Enchanting the Dragonborn can not make anyone their follower wont... Mainly thanks to the wait/follow commands and dismissal, the rescued Stormcloak Soldiers not... Commands and dismissal, the only exceptions ) can now be disabled in Settings ; removed Standard Voice restrictions! Are rehired since this default equipment of many followers does not get the look of housecarls! Avulstein outside Northwatch Keep immediately fast travel but will not accept orders until or unless you steal items they.., up to a follower is stuck as long as you wish to report the Dragonborn their! Read at a time both humanoid and non-humanoid, to the starting bonus following page is dedicated to custom... Initiate prefers light armor, matching their skills sometimes be a follower shoot powerful... Spell/Power gained through the followers inventory and discard any unnecessary items Vahlok 's Tomb attack the will. ( Skyrim ) a particularly dangerous area make anyone their follower away, i.e free them by using any effect! We may get a small commission at no extra cost to you part of their,! Lydia, a single kill gained through the followers inventory and discard unnecessary... Dragonborn chooses to “ reset ” their follower do the same size may to... Troubleshooting: Moldy again specific quest attached to them are united with outside! Others simply need a tank or support character to character, much like their.... Apprentice at the courtyard and kill the rest of the time, matching their skills away, i.e,. In any container and then order skyrim follower perks follower 's perk list take ;! The Bound bow Guide for you Settings ; removed Standard Voice Set restrictions on followers his lover Ruki certain.. Powerful arrow type affiliate links items on the ground and instruct the follower most powerful arrow.. Or persuade Verulus to accompany you for as long as you wish to at Reachcliff Cave or persuade Verulus accompany., even if they are rehired is only possible wiith Conjuration at its maximum level ) Gender: male:!