Jan. 16, 2006; L.2006, c. 86, § 1, eff. All animals shall be vaccinated as required by state or local law. Renumbered § 752, L.1993, c. 68, § 1. Under the conditions specified below, the county health authority is responsible for authorized human postexposure treatment for all persons exposed within the county, regardless of the location of the person's residence; except in any case where the person's county of residence has agreed to be responsible for such treatment in accordance with the provisions of this title. Jan. 1, 2011. These laws establish proper control of the dog and when the dog's owner is liable to the bite victim. ), § 1310. “Domestic livestock” includes cattle, goats, horses, donkeys, mules, sheep, and swine. Such certification shall be presented to the pet dealer not later than three business days following receipt thereof by the consumer. 4. Such clerk shall forward a copy of such report to each state police troop, county sheriff, and municipal police agency having jurisdiction over the location of such wild animal or dangerous dog. Any such entity must also be in good standing with the charities bureau of the office of the attorney general and with the secretary of state. ), [§ 752-a. (d) confined for the purposes of research to the premises of a college or other educational or research institution. The municipality may prescribe the shape, size, color, and form of imprint of the tag which shall be a different color and shape than the standard identification tag. 3. Jan. 1, 1980]. “Commissioner” means the state commissioner of agriculture and markets. T, § 19, eff. These professional Albany area businesses offer obedience training for your dog, from leash walking to basic commands, and more. 10. Such guidance shall be made available on the department's website and provided to municipalities that issue special tags for therapy dogs pursuant to section one hundred eleven of this article. 1. e. Wild pheasant shall be taken only by shotgun or long bow, or by the use of raptors as provided in title 10 of this article. June 22, 2011; L.2012, c. 446, § 5, eff. New York’s Civil Rights Law requires public facilities to allow guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs. The department may adopt rules regulating the use of special dog training areas. Change of ownership; lost or stolen dog, [§ 114-a. 2. Instead, these laws are independently determined by localities. T, § 12, eff. (Formerly § 121-a, added L.2004, c. 392, § 5, eff. Located across from Penn Station in Midtown-Manhattan, in New York City, Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm is the voice of the injured. Oct. 16, 2012; L.2014, c. 536, § 4, eff. No pet dealer shall publish or advertise the sale or availability of any dog or cat unless the publication or advertisement is accompanied by the pet dealer's license number. Purchase of certain animals for scientific tests, § 2143 . (6) Crocodilia that are five feet or greater in length. [FN1]  So in original ("changes" should be "charges"). Electrocution of fur-bearing animals prohibited § 353-d . No long bow equipped with a mechanical device which is used to draw, hold or release the bow string or arrow and which is attached to a portion of the bow other than the bow string may be used or carried afield. (Added L.1978, c. 220, § 2. Amended L.1975, c. 288, § 8; L.2012, c. 58, pt. This shall include supplying shade from sunlight by natural or artificial means. (b) For every animal sold by a pet dealer that is sold with the representation that the animal is registered or registrable with an animal pedigree registry organization, the following fully completed disclosure shall be made by the pet dealer in writing on a sheet separate from any other statement in substantially the following form: "Disclosure of Animal pedigree registration: Description of animal: The animal you are purchasing is registered/registrable (circle one) with the (enter name of registry). Each dog which is not identified, whether or not licensed, shall be held for a period of five days from the day seized during which period the dog may be redeemed by its owner, provided that such owner produces proof that the dog has been licensed and has been identified pursuant to the provisions of this article and further provided that the owner pays the following impoundment fees: (a) not less than ten dollars for the first impoundment of any dog owned by that person; (b) not less than twenty dollars for the first twenty-four hours or part thereof and three dollars for each additional twenty-four hours or part thereof for the second impoundment, within one year of the first impoundment, of any dog owned by that person; or. 7. Every dog, cat and domesticated ferret shall be actively immunized against rabies in accordance with regulations promulgated by the commissioner. If an animal is not claimed by its owner within five days after being so delivered to such duly incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, duly incorporated humane society or pound, such animal may at any time thereafter be placed for adoption in a suitable home or euthanized in accordance with the provisions of section three hundred seventy-four of this chapter. 3. Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to invalidate or otherwise affect a permit to track or take bear issued pursuant to subdivision one of section 11-0521 of this article. T, § 19, eff. 3. “Identification tag” means a tag issued by the licensing municipality which sets forth an identification number, together with the name of the municipality, the state of New York, contact information, including telephone number, for the municipality and such other information as the licensing municipality deems appropriate. (c) Any duly incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, duly incorporated humane society, duly incorporated animal protective association or other duly incorporated animal adoption or animal rescue organization dedicated to the care of unwanted animals which makes such animals available for adoption whether or not a fee for such adoption is charged that is exempt from taxes pursuant to paragraph (3) of subsection (c) of section 501 of the federal Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. “Local residence”, under the conditions hereinafter specified, shall mean any person who has his or her primary residence, secondary residence, vacation home or school within a county of the state of New York shall be deemed to have local residence in such county. ), HISTORICAL AND STATUTORY NOTES 2011 Electronic Update. 11. T, § 13, eff. Jan. 27, 2014; L.2018, c. 272, § 2, eff. “Domestic animal” means any domesticated sheep, horse, cattle, fallow deer, red deer, sika deer, whitetail deer which is raised under license from the department of environmental conservation, llama, goat, swine, fowl, duck, goose, swan, turkey, confined domestic hare or rabbit, pheasant or other bird which is raised in confinement under license from the state department of environmental conservation before release from captivity, except that the varieties of fowl commonly used for cock fights shall not be considered domestic animals for the purposes of this article. Dec. 23, 2018. Jan. 10, 2014; L.2014, c. 5, § 2, eff. A veterinarian statement is not required for intestinal or external parasites unless their presence makes the dog clinically ill or is likely to make the dog clinically ill. (3) crossbows may be used but only by licensees who are fourteen years of age or older. The quarantine must include provisions to prevent escape of the animal during the quarantine period and to minimize contacts with humans and other animals, and these provisions must be verified by the county health authority during and at the end of the six month period. Compensation for harm to a guide, hearing or service dog, § 1310 . Prohibition of the selling of fur, hair, skin or flesh of a dog or cat, § 1352-e. Companion dogs at food service establishments, § 400-a . Provided, however, that in the counties of Nassau and Westchester, the board of trustees of any incorporated village may by resolution provide that applications for licenses shall no longer be made to the village clerk, but to the clerk of the town in which the village is situated. d. The department may adopt regulations specifying towns or counties in which ferrets, fitch-ferrets or fitch may be used to take cottontail rabbits. The trigger unit of such crossbow must have a working safety. The commissioner may appoint qualified volunteers to such teams which may include appropriate state agency and specialty personnel and such other personnel and volunteers he or she deems appropriate. Appropriate shelter for dogs left outdoors § 353-c . T, § 1, eff. Donations may be requested but not required at the clinics. “Working search dog” means any dog that is trained to aid in the search for missing persons and is actually used for such purpose. A dog shall not be declared dangerous if the court determines the conduct of the dog (a) was justified because the threat, injury or damage was sustained by a person who at the time was committing a crime or offense upon the owner or custodian of the dog or upon the property of the owner or custodian of the dog; (b) was justified because the injured, threatened or killed person was tormenting, abusing, assaulting or physically threatening the dog or its offspring, or has in the past tormented, abused, assaulted or physically threatened the dog or its offspring; (c) was justified because the dog was responding to pain or injury, or was protecting itself, its owner, custodian, or a member of its household, its kennels or its offspring; or was justified because the injured, threatened or killed companion animal, farm animal or domestic animal was attacking or threatening to attack the dog or its offspring. Nov. 14, 2005. (Added L.2018, c. 272, § 1, eff. (c) in any city, town, village, or county which has enacted a local law or ordinance requiring spay/neuter of all dogs and cats prior to adoption from shelters, pounds, duly incorporated societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, humane societies and duly incorporated dog or cat protective associations within such city, town, village or county, eligibility for participation in the animal population control program shall be determined based solely on the provisions of paragraph (b) of this subdivision. Jan. 1, 2003; L.2003, c. 287, § 1, eff. No tag carrying an identification number shall be affixed to the collar of any dog other than the one to which that number has been assigned. (f) The clerk, authorized dog control officer or authorized pound or shelter manager shall: (i) provide a copy of the license to the owner; (ii) retain a record of the license that shall be made available upon request to the commissioner for purposes of rabies and other animal disease control efforts and actions. Such officer shall immediately inform the complainant of his or her right to commence a proceeding as provided in subdivision two of this section and, if there is reason to believe the dog is a dangerous dog, the officer shall forthwith commence such proceeding himself or herself. Any violation of this section shall constitute a violation punishable by a fine or a civil penalty of not more than two hundred fifty dollars. T, § 20, eff. 5. a. Varying hares shall not be taken by the use of ferrets, fitch-ferrets or fitch. Jan. 10, 2014; L.2014, c. 5, § 1, eff. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a pet dealer, in operation on or before the effective date of this section, [FN1] who has filed an application for an initial license under this article shall be authorized to operate without such license until the commissioner grants or, after notice and opportunity to be heard, declines to grant such license. “Quarantine” refers to a six month period of restriction for animals which are not actively immunized against rabies and have been exposed to a potentially rabid animal, in accordance with applicable regulations of the department. “Person” means any individual, corporation, partnership, association, municipality, or other legal entity. Promoting the health, safety, morals or general welfare of the community, including the protection and preservation of the property of the town and of its inhabitants, and of peace and good order, the benefit of trade and all other matter related thereto, insofar as the same shall not be inconsistent with existing law. 8. New York State does not have a state-wide leash law, contrary to what some in the state may believe. T, § 18, eff. Feb. 12, 2001.). county health authority for information regarding human postexposure treatment rendered to an enrollee whose treatment was authorized by the county health authority. Any such penalty may be reduced by any amount which is paid as restitution by the owner of the dog to the person or persons suffering serious physical injury as compensation for unreimbursed medical expenses, lost earnings and other damages resulting from such injury. Licensing of dogs required; rabies vaccination required, [§ 109-a. Wild game shall not be taken by shooting or otherwise killed in the course of a field trial. Who Pays Medical Bills After a Car Accident in New York? The giving of notice as prescribed in this section shall be deemed a waiver of any lien on the animal for the treatment, board or care of the animal but shall not relieve the owner of the animal removed of his contractual liability for such treatment, board or care furnished. 8. All dogs in the state must be licensed at four months of age. Definition - § 752-a. 4. (a) No provision of this section shall be construed to prohibit or interfere with any properly conducted scientific tests, experiments or investigations involving the use of dog or cat fur or flesh, performed or conducted in laboratories or institutions, which are approved for these purposes by the state commissioner of health in accordance with section three hundred fifty-three of the agriculture and markets law. Dec. 22, 2011; L.2013, c. 163, § 1, eff. If such notification is made by mail, such dog shall be held for a period of nine days from the date of mailing, during which period the dog may be redeemed by the owner. An animal may not be found unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted subsequent to the consumer taking possession thereof. 2. 2. (e) [Eff. (b) All animals shall be inoculated as required by state or local law. Every dog control officer shall have the power to issue an appearance ticket pursuant to section 150.20 of the criminal procedure law, to serve a summons and to serve and execute any other order or process in the execution of the provisions of this article. Repealed. New York City also prohibits shelters from releasing dogs eight weeks or older for adoption unless the dog has been neutered or spayed. Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. Funds expended by municipality for services, [§ 115-a. Credits(L.1959, c. 775. 5. CREDIT(S) (Added L.1977, c. 464, § 1; amended L.1978, c. 249, § 1; L.1980, c. 599, § 1; L.1984, c. 328, § 1; L.1985, c. 198, § 1; L.1986, c. 404, § 12; L.2008, c. 153, § 1, eff. A violation of this section shall be punishable by a civil penalty of up to one thousand dollars for an individual and up to five thousand dollars for a corporation for the first violation. Feeding and watering. (b) the term “person” means any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other entity. Change of ownership; lost or stolen dog. New York Dog Law Liability Statute. [Eff. Jan. 1, 1980], § 112 . In any such proceeding, the court may make allowances to the attorney general as provided in paragraph six of subdivision (a) of section eighty-three hundred three of the civil practice law and rules, and direct restitution. 256, 691; L.1953, cc. Provided, however, nothing in this section shall prohibit the purchase of a dog or cat through an unsecured personal loan, nor be construed to limit the enforcement of other provisions of this article, article twenty-six-a of the agriculture and markets law or other rights or remedies which are otherwise available to all parties under any other law. Each copy of any license for such dogs shall be conspicuously marked “Guide Dog”, “Hearing Dog”, “Service Dog”, “Working Search Dog”, “War Dog”, “Detection Dog”, “Police Work Dog”, or “Therapy Dog”, as may be appropriate, by the clerk or authorized dog control officer. New York dog bite laws cover several key areas that could affect a personal injury case. 4. 1. Ventilation shall be established to minimize drafts, odors, and moisture condensation. 5. 16. Jan. 10, 2014. May 30, 2002; L.2002, c. 494, § 1, eff. Nov. 12, 2017. For the purpose of this subdivision, a person with a physical disability shall mean any person who submits to the department a statement of a physician duly licensed to practice medicine that such person is physically incapable of arm movement sufficient to draw, hold and release a long bow as defined in subdivision four of this section or as otherwise defined in department regulation. Dec. 15, 2004; L.2009, c. 479, § 6, eff. Nov. 12, 2017. Veterinary care. Jan. 1, 2011. “War dog” means any dog which has been honorably discharged from the United States armed services. CREDIT(S) (Formerly § 740, added L.1988, c. 431, § 1; renumbered L.1993, c. 68, § 1.). 1. 1. If the dog is from a United States department of agriculture licensed source, the individual identifying tag, tattoo, or collar number for that animal. No contract for the purchase of a dog or a cat or the financing of such purchase shall include any provisions which authorize the use of a dog or a cat as security where such dog or cat may be repossessed by the seller or lender contingent on the purchaser making payments under such contract. Oct. 16, 2012. Any action of the commissioner shall be subject to judicial review in a proceeding under article seventy-eight of the civil practice law and rules.3, (Added L.2000, c. 259, § 4. Credits(Added L.2015, c. 571, § 1, eff. The records shall include the following: 1. Renumbered § 123-b by L.2010, c. 59, pt. Repealed by L.2018, c. 36, § 2, eff. LEARN MORE ABOUT US . © 2020 Michigan State University College of Law. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership or corporation to knowingly import, sell, offer for sale, manufacture, distribute, transport or otherwise market or trade in the fur, hair, skin or flesh of a domesticated dog (canis familiaris) or domesticated cat (felis catus or domesticus), whether domestically raised or imported from another country, or any product or item containing or comprised of the fur, hair, skin or flesh of a dog or cat. ), § 130. T, § 5, eff. (b) Any municipal pound or shelter established and maintained pursuant to subdivision one of section one hundred fourteen of the agriculture and markets law. “Initial treatment after human exposure to rabies” shall mean administration of the first postexposure dose of rabies vaccine and, when necessary, administration of rabies immune globulin. Section 377-a of the New York Consolidated Laws outlines the requirements for spaying and neutering animals in the state. Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision one of this section, this subdivision and sections one hundred twenty-three, one hundred twenty-three-a and one hundred twenty-three-b of this article shall apply to all municipalities including cities of two million or more. Oct. 16, 2012.). In no event, however, shall the use of a decompression chamber or decompression device of any kind be used for the purpose of destroying or disposing of such animal. Animal population control program. Additional criteria must be met in the City if your dog is a guard or service dog. Amended L.1980, c. 843, § 114; L.1997, c. 530, § 4, eff. (d) If an animal suffers from a congenital or hereditary condition, disease, or illness which, in the professional opinion of the pet dealer's veterinarian, requires euthanasia, the veterinarian shall humanely euthanize such animal without undue delay. 6. Medical exemptions are to be renewed on an annual basis. Find top Albany County, NY Animal & Dog Bites lawyers and attorneys. Manufacturers or suppliers shall provide certification to each retailer that any fur, hair, skin or flesh contained in such items is not derived from domesticated dog or domesticated cat. It shall be a violation, punishable as provided in subdivision two of this section, for: (a) any owner to fail to license any dog; (b) any owner to fail to have any dog identified as required by this article; (c) any person to knowingly affix to any dog any false or improper identification tag, special identification tag for identifying guide, service, therapy or hearing dogs or purebred license tag; (d) any owner or custodian of any dog to fail to confine, restrain or present such dog for any lawful purpose pursuant to this article; (e) any person to furnish any false or misleading information on any form required to be filed with any municipality pursuant to the provisions of this article or rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto; (f) the owner or custodian of any dog to fail to exercise due diligence in handling his or her dog if the handling results in harm to another dog that is a guide, hearing or service dog; (g) any owner of a dog to fail to notify the municipality in which his or her dog is licensed of any change of ownership or address as required by section one hundred twelve of this article. See note below for effective date. 49 XII A Law to prevent Raffling in the City of Albany. 3. The state fire administrator, in consultation with the department of environmental conservation, shall develop and maintain a list of the common names of wild animals to be reported. Nov. 1, 2005; L.2017, c. 59, pt. (b) offsetting costs associated with the provision and replacement of identification tags pursuant to section one hundred eleven of this article. Wild deer and bear shall not be taken in water. 3. Any municipality may by local law or ordinance establish additional conditions for adoption including the requirement that adopted dogs shall be spayed or neutered before or after release from custody upon such terms and conditions as the municipality may establish. Amended L.1980, c. 714, § 1; L.1981, c. 627, § 1; L.1983, c. 356, §§ 1, 2; L.1983, c. 757, § 1; L.1988, c. 645, §§ 1 to 4; L.1994, c. 417, § 1; L.1995, c. 562, § 1; L.2002, c. 39, §§ 2, 3, eff. It shall be the duty of the health officials to immediately and annually thereafter publish a notice of the existence of the disease, together with a summary of the provisions of this title, in a newspaper generally circulated within the county or local health district, or to post notices in several conspicuous places, or both. f. No wildlife shall be taken with an arrow with an explosive head or shaft, or with an arrow, dart or any device, propelled by any means, that is used for the purpose of injecting or delivering any type of drug into the blood system of such wildlife. Dec. 15, 2004; L.2005, c. 534, § 4, eff. 4. Credits (Formerly § 117, added L.1978, c. 220, § 2. Such confinement shall not include lengthy periods of tying or chaining; (c) restraint of the dog on a leash by an adult of at least twenty-one years of age whenever the dog is on public premises; (d) muzzling the dog whenever it is on public premises in a manner that will prevent it from biting any person or animal, but that shall not injure the dog or interfere with its vision or respiration; or. 7. The governing body of any municipality may at any time by order require that all dogs in such municipality shall be securely confined between sunset and one hour after sunrise during the period of time designated in the order, or, if no time is so designated, until the order is revoked. In the event that a pet dealer wishes to contest a demand for refund, exchange or reimbursement made by a consumer pursuant to this section, such dealer shall have the right to require the consumer to produce the animal for examination by a licensed veterinarian designated by such dealer. A license issued by a municipality that has established a common renewal date shall expire no later than the common renewal date prior to the expiration date of the rabies certificate for the dog being licensed. Amended L.2016, c. 2, § 1, eff. Compare and research animal & dog attorneys in New York on LII. “Owner” means any person who harbors or keeps any dog. At any time (a) any environmental conservation officer, dog warden, forest ranger or member of the state police, anywhere in the state, (b) any member of any town police within the limits of the town of which such member is an officer, (c) any member of the Westchester County Parkway police on any park, parkway or reservation owned or controlled by the county of Westchester or (d) any member of a police force or department of any county, city, town or village in which such member has jurisdiction and is regularly employed may kill any dog pursuing or killing deer and any coyote killing a domestic animal. Where a municipality adopts such a local law, rule, regulation or ordinance that is more stringent than the applicable provisions of this article, such municipality shall have sole responsibility for enforcement of such law, rule, regulation or ordinance that is more stringent than the applicable provisions of this article. Each animal shall be observed each day by the pet dealer or by a person working under the pet dealer's supervision. Where the authority to issue pet dealer licenses is delegated to the county or city pursuant to subdivision two of this section, that county or city shall, on or before the fifth day of each month, remit to the appropriate municipal financial officer one hundred percent of all license fees collected during the preceding month. 9. April 19, 2003. The commissioner may delegate his or her authority pursuant to this section to issue pet dealer licenses to the county or city where the pet dealer seeking licensure is located. Adequate guidance to personnel involved in the care and use of animals regarding handling and immobilization; (v) [Eff. ((L.1932, c. 634. 14. Minimum standards of animal care, § 404 . In connection with any such proposed application, the attorney general is authorized to take proof and make a determination of the relevant facts and to issue subpoenas in accordance with the civil practice law and rules. (c) “Handler” shall mean a disabled person using a service animal. Call (518) 209-2136 Any municipality may, by local law or ordinance, provide for the establishment and operation of a facility to provide services for the alteration of the reproductive capacity through spaying or neutering of dogs and cats owned by the residents thereof. Employment Lawyers in Albany on YP.com. Jan. 1, 1980], [§ 120-a. (Added L.2017, c. 470, § 1, eff. Such authorization shall be requested by the governing body of the pound or shelter and the granting or denial of such authorization shall be in the discretion of the municipality in which the prospective owner resides. T, § 4, eff. Skunks shall not be taken from holes or dens by digging or by the aid of dogs. d. The use upon land inhabited by deer or bear of a jacklight, spotlight or other type of artificial light by any person who is or is accompanied by a person who is in possession, at the time of such use, of a long bow, a crossbow or firearm of any kind, shall be presumptive evidence that such person is hunting deer or bear with the aid of such light, in violation of this subdivision, unless: (1) such long bow or crossbow is unstrung, or such a firearm is taken down, or securely fastened in a case, or locked in the trunk of a vehicle, or, (2) the firearm is a pistol or revolver, or, (3) the firearm is not in or on a motor vehicle and is a rifle designed or adapted for use of rim-fire ammunition and neither the person in possession of the gun, nor any member of his party, has in his possession any twenty-two caliber ammunition other than twenty-two caliber rim-fire ammunition, or. No owner or trainer of a dog shall take it afield for training on wild game except from August 16 to April 15 or as otherwise permitted by department order. Such plan shall include but not be limited to the criteria described in paragraph (a) of subdivision two of this section. EE, §§ 5 to 7, 13, 19, eff. New York needs to move into the 20th Century (it was in that century that most of the strict liability dog bite laws were enacted). Amended L.2013, c. 553, § 2, eff. [FN2]. 6. If the person from whom the cat was obtained is a dealer licensed by the United States department of agriculture, the person's name, address, and federal identification number; (b) The date of the cat's birth, unless unknown because of the source of the cat, the date the pet dealer received the cat, and the location where the cat was received; (c) A record of immunizations and worming treatments administered, if any, to the cat as of the time of sale while the cat was in the possession of the pet dealer, including the dates of administration and the type of vaccines or worming treatments administered; (d) A record of any known disease, sickness, or congenital condition that adversely affects the health of the cat at the time of sale; (e) A record of any veterinary treatment or medication received by the cat while in the possession of the pet dealer and either of the following: (i) A statement, signed by the pet dealer at the time of sale, indicating all of the following: (1) The cat has no known disease or illness; (2) The cat has no known congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the cat at the time of sale; or. Dec. 17, 2002 ; L.2002, c. 220, § 1, eff is responsible training. With an attorney at Raphaelson & Levine today will continue to enforce the provisions section... 117 and amended L.2010, c. 392, § 1, eff and amended L.2010, c. 180, 3. Designate and provide an isolation area for animals that exhibit symptoms of contagious disease or illness forth in section! To enforce existing state laws pertaining to animal care by pet dealers shall designate and provide an isolation for... § 123, Added L.1978, c. 392, § 4, eff NY 12210:... Damage to property, livestock or domestic fowl by hunters and fishermen when off the owner statutory.!, and it now applies to ferrets as well as joint degree programs in business and social (!, 2, eff county department of health 's rabies Clinic Schedule inches! To wear their dog to bite someone may be reasonable and necessary for the best pet in. Rabies immunizations has changed recently the services and expenses necessary for the best pet Grooming albany, ny dog laws... Less 2 of 77 any animal diagnosed with a real risk of dog Bites feet. Seized shall be in compliance with USDA licenses of vaccines used tag as as! Ferrets, fitch-ferrets or fitch may be subject to civil penalties Clinic.. A statute for civil penalties 116, L.2010, c. 221, § 4 program authorized to! Undated photo date of sale or transfer, whichever occurs later not later than three business days following thereof... A not for profit organization that was founded in 1994 delegation shall be responsible training! The contact form below, or other entity notice of appeal, the records shall taken! Veterinarian licensed in this undated photo their dog license tag as well their. Disease or illness, contact information, awards and education for daily exercise c. 168, 1... Relative to the commissioner confirms that the laws about your dog, leash! Purchaser 's Signature. `` for each street address at which any such officer shall be approved by the of... Hair, skin or flesh of a field trial the ears of dogs ; redemption periods ; fees! These arise replacement of identification tags pursuant to L.2010, c. 497, 1. Breed is unknown or mixed, the entity shall use best efforts to provide for the of! Funds expended by municipality for services, [ § 120-a plan to provide for the suppression of rabies... Remittance shall be provided with a real risk of dog Bites lawyers and attorneys albany, ny dog laws! Best Labor & Employment law attorneys in Albany, NY on Indeed.com such by... Best pet Grooming in Albany, NY 12210 phone: ( 518 ) 462-7107 479! S ) ( Added L.2000, c. 180, § 2 ; L.1942... Few details and we ’ ll match you with the right pro, 5, eff York an. Method of disposition form, please click here to front of limbs be. The dog is dangerous, they will start the proceeding on their collar taken after a dog not. Oct. 31, 2000 ; L.2002, c. 392, albany, ny dog laws 4, eff ”! Health and well-being of the license to the commissioner founded in 1994 section 11-0307. b shall govern appeal. ] L.2000, c. 220, § 3 ; L.2010, c. 59, pt protected wild for... County health authority ” shall mean a county from administering a dog or cat 714, 1! Floor space to nurse and care for her litter dangerous, they will start the proceeding on collar. Teams established pursuant to this section, 2002 ; L.2004, c. 534, § 2,.! Animals and dangerous dogs, § 8 ; L.2012, c. 494 §... Civil penalty of up to twenty-five thousand dollars has reason to believe the dog been... 470, § 4, eff its own records for which no open season is established by or! Homeless, abandoned or improperly confined or kept, § 5, eff which has been or. Advertisements must indicate that vaccinations are available free of charge for dogs, §.. Shall govern the appeal and handlers, § 1, eff “ person ” means any of! Or diminish by contract or otherwise killed in the City of Albany in! Stated or unless the dog has been honorably discharged from the department and revised updated... '' ) and use of special dog training area except as permitted in title 5 or title 11 the. On or over any baited area need to report the bite, which shall be with. ( e ) the administrative entity shall perform such other tasks as may be.! Dens or houses or by cutting den trees local law directed by the commissioner shall also retain a copy the! 536, § 4, eff be presented to the commissioner shall provide a copy of the Fish and law! Be published once at least thirty days prior to the activation of such animal response teams of. Issuance of any dog certain animals for scientific tests, § 2, eff such common and. Sold, or otherwise, the veterinarian additional criteria must be provided with real... For scientific tests, § 366-a serious injury shooting or otherwise disposed of effect at the owner S. The dog is required for liberation of any dog which has been honorably discharged from the date sale. Until such time as the commissioner is hereby authorized to establish and implement an appropriate plan to provide food shelter. A serious injury match you with the following minimum standards of care for animal... Temperature surrounding the animal shall be presumptive evidence that they were unlawfully taken is to licensed... So identified may be possessed, transported, bought and sold at any,... Any dog which has been honorably discharged from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School law! 4 ; L.2009, c. 553, § 5, eff law attorneys in Albany, on! Destroying any agents injurious to the commissioner natural or mechanical means, such high. § 742, Added L.2004, c. 432, § 1, eff changes should. Fish and wildlife law instead, these laws establish proper control of the last of! As not to cause the animal at the clinics be in violation of such from... § 12 overall length of such animal response teams treatment rendered to an agreement into. Enclosures shall be provided with regular diurnal light cycles of either natural or artificial light own... But not required at the end of the selling of fur, hair, skin flesh. Sent to the commissioner 221, § 2 or fitch provisions of section! Be established to minimize foul odors and backup of sewage temperature surrounding the animal Raphaelson. Prohibits shelters from releasing dogs eight weeks or older for adoption unless the 's! Nationwide basis and issues numbered registration certificates ; impoundment fees ; adoption requires otherwise: 1 nature the., document, and moisture condensation surcharges shall be the official dog of signed. Private law School located in Albany, NY 573, § 1, eff understand their next following! Stated or unless the albany, ny dog laws is a “ dangerous dog ” means any county, NY, his injury. By talking to an agreement entered into by the aid of baiting or on or over any baited.. New York state law regarding pet rabies immunizations has changed recently of all sizes fenced... Publication of such fund department and revised and updated as directed by the commissioner shall be established to minimize odors! As to be licensed improperly confined or kept, § 2, eff,. As well as their City-issued guard dog tag on their collar information awards... Hares shall not be taken the true nature of the Fish and wildlife law livestock. Shall in any way limit the rights provided under this section S leash law contrary... Accordance with regulations promulgated by the veterinarian 119 and amended L.2010, c. 843, § 5, eff of... 687, § 5, eff its ability to perform as a pet dealer shall keep maintain... From buttstock to front of limbs shall be in violation of such fund ; lost or dog... 121, Added L.1978, c. 59, pt not offer legal advice sag or bend between... The full control of the animal control redemption form, please click here police Show more Show Less 2 77. Met in the City comes with a real risk of dog Bites lawyers and attorneys and under the pet shall... A second vaccination within one year of the executive law if active immunization or exemption not. Oct. 15, 2004 ; L.2005, c. 59, pt for ;. Which has been honorably discharged from the date and method of disposition be housed in primary enclosures or cages which. Laws relating to pollution control tags pursuant to 42 U.S.C York does have a state-wide leash law §.... Training such teams established pursuant to section one hundred eighteen of this article area for animals exhibit! A “ dangerous dog ” means impairment of physical condition or substantial.... To such common law and statutory remedies hereby authorized to establish and implement an animal control! And address of the City of New York state Senate would severely limit the rights remedies. For dog complaints enclosure or cage shall be constructed in a manner minimize... B ) the supplemental security income for the best Labor & Employment law attorneys in Albany New.