Keep your eyes out for these teams to counter every Galactic Legend in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Best Teams in Each Phase + Guild Strategy Tip 13157 views CubsFan Han Published on 2020-12-16 14:44:09 About : A few important acknowledgements need to be made for this video! Wicket, logray, and paploo are the strongest ewoks. His unique, Know Your Adversaries, puts a debuff on all enemies at the beginning of the encounter called Demoralized that decreases Offense by 50% and Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 25% that cannot be resisted or dispelled. SWGOH General Grievous Counters Based on 19,932 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Also, what is the bounty and the beast team? The pros of the gameplay multiple times every day, mashing a combination of PTP and FTP. Best offensive teams for banners: Bossk lead BH - Easy 60 banner wins if you use them in the right spot. This AFK Arena Tier List gives you the complete list of the best Heroes for different stages of the game: Early, Mid, and Late Game. No need to keep GK for JKR if this is for arena. SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Breaking Down Raid Enemies SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – The Solo Process SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Best Raid Toons and Why SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams SWGoH 101: Unlocking 7 I use this on cleanup TW The best starting option is Phoenix, but if you don’t like them Resistance – Let’s move on to the best teams to use in phase 1. While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Best Raid Toons and Why SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams SWGoH 101: Unlocking 7* Commander Luke Skywalker SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War Event SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War If you can get an r2 faster than enemy DRs, than you can get smokescreen up and ruin those initial fears. Trying to get my guild to heroic, but im struggling with what teams to use and which zetas ill need. This guide will be a good starting point for those who are following the F2P model. Formulate yoru defensive plan. With the popularity of both the Star Wars universe and mobile games, SWGOH has seen an influx of new players. See which characters users are taking to G13 in SWGOH! SWGOH Tools and Guides This website has a collection of useful tools and resources for people playing Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). I used to follow this for Geo Dark Side, is there a similar list for Light Side? In order to get hero’s journey characters, you need certain specific characters in addition to the teams to unlock the legendary droids. I'd like to see if Savage Sass SiT (or another +1, SiT doesn't do much health damage) could pull something on offense. You can do a YouTube search for "swgoh darth malak event", and you'll get plenty of videos with strategies. It will fetch your mods and characters, and find the best set to equip for each character in a list you provide. There are no quick cheats towards being the best in SWGoH. I haven’t been able to find one. SWGOH.GG is a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database and Squad Builder for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes app on iOS and Android. If you are building an ewok team from scratch, this is the best direction to go. While it will not be fully comprehensive, it should be enough to get you on the right path. I know that even with full R7 teams you can’t do 4/4 (some times even 1/4) most of the time, but it’s good to have a list of characters ready whenever they decide to release whatever is going to make this awful TB bearable. Of course many of these teams rely heavily on the team compositions, mods and specific stats to have the success they do, so pay careful attention to the details. SWGOH Rank 1 Fleet Meta Report Based on 18912 Fleet Arena Teams. For the reasons evoked above, the best team in phase 1 is a Resistance team led by Rey Jedi Training (RJT). Last updated: Rank 1 Rank 1-10 Rank 1-100 Rank 1 Leaders Leaders Squads Reinforcements All Characters Character Count % Negotiator 11992 63% Malevolence 6197 33% Home One Rebel Teams: These teams work with disrupting the field via turn-meters, juggling taunts and buffs hence can be quite tricky both on offense and and on defense. But, when they do, Sith squads are heavy hitters and are some of the best in the game. The best choice for a backend reinforcement, especially in timeout teams, Lando's Falcon is almost like a second ultimate ability, since he can take up to 4 turns in a row, dealing some pretty decent damage. Link to the 3v3 Grand P4 Teams and Strategies Teams and Strategies Notes All the information contained in this guide is built upon the collective information that has been freely provided by the SWGOH Community for the sole purpose of helping other achieve greater success at this. Find what works best for you and create an action plan towards building on a strong team. The new grand arena mentioned some teams will consist of 3 man teams. is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney or Lucasfilm LTD. Here is my account So there is no single team that will carry you through the game. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Remember to keep teams to attack! 3v3 Grand Arena has returned again and today we go over the truly best 3v3 offensive and defensive Grand Arena teams! Not great against the most powerful teams, but definitely seem to be a better offensive team than defensive. Compare your roster with your grand arena enemy. Starting a Brand New Account for 2021 in Galaxy of Heroes + Best First Teams to ... AhnaldT101 70100 views 10 days ago 00:13:37 WARNING: THIS SWGOH PACK CAN BE MISLEADING! Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Who are the best 3 man teams out there? RELATED: 10 Best Teams In Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Light Side characters are comprised of the Galactic Republic, Old Republic, Rebels, Resistance, and Jedi. View and compare the stats of each unit. I haven't really played with Padme myself, so that's pretty much all I know. Chirpa (especially with zeta) is the best leader, and the usual 5th is elder for the heals and revives. Naturally, some will be spending money but some will be playing for free. Han: Master manipulator of turn-meter, also has a taunt however his low survivability also is a detriment to his other abilities and hence this weakness must be reinforced via other support characters or healers. Moff Gideon works very well as a Plug-and-Play non-lead character making him a good choice for a wide variety of teams, maximizing his utility. Welcome to the best mods for Kuiil, the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the top mods for SWGoH characters. Poe Dameron's X-Wing Long time nuke What have you guys found to be the best teams for the sith raid in all arenas? If I ask for the chemical compound for sodium nitrate telling me to check the periodic table of elements only confirms you haven't a clue. Visit for more tools and information. SWGOH Padmé Amidala Counters Based on 5,705 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Sith teams are hard to build in early levels, as many of the best units only unlock later in the game. Swgoh feats list Each feat has a star rating, whichFor farming ideas check out best character farming locations. C3 is probably the best general fifth
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