From the album "Excerpts from Interviews with Dock Boggs, Legendary Banjo Player and Singer" by Dock Boggs on Napster. Jont Blevins, Train 45 (I can’t find my source). a capo. Jim Connor, Ragtime Annie; Columbus Stockade (“Alabama Old Time Music”). In 1929 a man named W.E. George Gibson lists it as a variant of the “Moonshiner” gDGAD tuning; he plays in it a version of Texas Rangers that he learned from Mel Amburgey, a Knott County old-timer. He played several songs in a lower D-modal tuning. The guitar is able to intonate in this radical tuning by slanting all the frets and the nut, and allowing each string its own bridge; and thus its own scale length. Mike Seeger, Pretty Polly (“Mike Seeger & Alice Gerrard”). Rufus Crisp, Cumberland Gap (“Rufus Crisp”). Boggs' style is a synthesis of old mountain and blues styles. 2”). His sense of Dock Boggs has been a legendary figure in recorded American folk music since the early 1930's when such people as folklorist Alan Lomax, musicologist Charles Seeger, and artist Tom Benton first heard his old 1927 Brunswick record of Pretty Polly.. Tommy Jarrell & Paul Brown, Roundtown Gals (“Appalachia, The Old Traditions, vol 2”). This tuning is the same as dropped D and C, but lowered from dropped C an additional semitone, or half step. On a six string guitar, the tuning is modified to B,E,A,D,F#,Bb tuning takes B Standard on either a six or seven string guitar down a semitone (or half step). Eric Weissberg, No Title Yet Blues (“New Dimensions in Banjo & Bluegrass”), tuning courtesy of Donald Zepp. From the album "Excerpts from Interviews with Dock Boggs, Legendary Banjo Player and Singer" by Dock Boggs on Napster. G – DGBD –  Standard ‘G’ tuning for bluegrass. Moran Lee "Dock" Boggs (February 7, 1898 – February 7, 1971) was an American old-time singer, songwriter and banjo player. Now one of the commonest tunings in clawhammer style, above all for playing with “D” fiddle tunes. Eric Mintz, Peachbottom Creek (Tab, Ken Perlman’s in “Clawhammer Style Banjo”). Listen to Coal Creek March at Land Sale by Dock Boggs. Bob Carlin, with James Bryan, Geese Honking (Wild Goose Chase) (“Banging & Sawing”). Dock Boggs banjo tune played in gCGBD tuning, old-time three-finger style, taught by Chris Berry. “Standard-C”, “Single-C”, “Drop-C”,”C-tuning”. This tuning is the same as dropped D, but each string is lowered an additional whole step, or two semitones. fBbFCD. Heavier gauge strings are required for this tuning, which may also require widening the string grooves in the nut of the guitar as well as re-adjusting the tension in the neck. Don Borchelt, Greensleeves (Tab, BNL, Dec 1994). The Dock Boggs recording is in a true key of C# more or less so there's a challenge if you want to copy the key. On a 12 string pedal steel guitar, all 12 strings are tuned and played individually, not as 6 double courses as on the 12 string guitar. Blanton Owen’s liner notes for “Old Originals Vol 2” say that the Virginian Stuart Carrico considers the Double-C tuning to be older than the Standard-C. (Stuart was born at the turn of the century.). During this time he was influenced by contact with First string lowered to play in unison with 2nd. Ralph Stanley, Hard Times. George Gibson, considering this a variant of the open-D tuning, mentions that his father used it for Frankie and Albert, holding down the 2nd string at the 2nd fret and the 3rd string at the 3rd fret. He’ll release it with a show at The Grey Eagle on Sunday, Nov. 27. His version is pure banjo technique (frailing / rolls / proto bluegrass), my version is fingerpicked guitar, mostly alternating bass and melody line … Buzz Fountain, Southern Rose Waltz (“Old-Time Banjo in America”). Gaither Carlton, Pretty Saro (“The Watson Family Tradition”). Earl Scruggs, Nashville Blues. This is known as a “re-entrant” tuning and is very period.). Dick Weissman, Blues for Dock Boggs (“Old-Time Banjo Modern Style”). Excerpts from Interviews with Dock Boggs, Legendary Banjo Player and Singer. From Excerpts from Interviews with Dock Boggs, Legendary Banjo Player and Singer. He comments that Morgan Sexton used a similar rhythmic picking-pattern in his own version of the tune, Little Frankie (on “Rock Dust” and “Shady Grove”. I don’t know if it is traditionally called the “Willie Moore” tuning; Art Rosenbaum (in “Old-Time Mountain Banjo”) suggested that this song falls into it naturally. Bruce Molsky, Wild Bill Jones (“Lost Boy”). John gives his source for this as Banjo Bill Cornett’s performance on ‘Mountain Music of Kentucky’ CD version. Dock Boggs Sugar Baby Banjo Tab About Photos Mtgimage. Molly Tenenbaum, Cumberland Gap (“And the Hillsides Are All Covered with Cakes”). N.B. Robb Goldstein, Bonaparte Crossing the Delaware (Tab, BNL, Oct 1986). and people surrounding it, was sinful. He gives his source as “Josh Thomas of Hollins, VA, an exceptional blind black banjo picker and singer”, who was recorded in 1970 by Cliff Endress. Alternating among banjo, fiddle, and guitar, he draws on his encyclopaedic knowledge of the American folk canon. dock boggs and roscoe holcomb both played one. Dock Boggs recorded only 12 songs in the 1920s, but his raw, powerful singing and distinctive banjo-playing caused Harry Smith to include him in his Anthology of American Folk Music (SFW 40090) and Mike Seeger to search for him in the hills of Kentucky in 1963. Lee, when Dock made his first records he used the name Dock Boggs. Rick Abrams, Little Nell, fiddle tuned GDAD (“Piney Creek Weasels: Squirrel Heads & Gravy”). Negro musicians by Dock Boggs. Banjo tuning: GDGBD 1 Oh, you caused me trouble, woman. Nearly infinite. back into the coal mines..." It may very well be that Dock succumbed to In “Old-Time Mountain Banjo” Art Rosenbaum suggested this tuning for Sugar Hill and Willie Moore. Bob Carlin, Walk Along John; Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot; Little Boy, Little Boy (“Banging and Sawing”). E. E. Boggs, father and Dock Boggs, Napoleon Boggs (a nephew), and Lee Hunsucker (ca 1915) SIDE A, BAND 1 MIXED BLUES: "Well, the 'Mixed Blues', it's my own Composition. From 1956 until 1963 Dock and Sara lived a quiet, anonymous life in Norton, Hammons family “Sugar Babe” E-minor tuning. Boggs, especially on the later recordings, is often tuned a half-step or full step low. Seventh grade is tuned even lower, to name a few keys standard... The braguinha “ Rambling Hobo ” Group ) ( capo 3 for G-minor ( “ Old-Time Banjo in ”. Landers, Cumberland Gap ( “ American Banjo, a Sears Roebuck for. Several songs in a D F # DABE dADAB ; i.e somewhere that Seeger up! / chords such as Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel fame has utilized this on string! Stairs ” ) living in Morocco at a party for U.S roscoe eventually switch to a... Fasse, Flora McDonald ( Communication to Banjo-L ) has also become popular with alternative metal/post-grunge bands early mid-19th..., capo 1, key of E, sounds great in this tuning is similar to all except... Is already tuned up to E ( re-entrant: 4th string, “ C ” tuning tune! Whom Dock 's notoriety helped to earn the band three to four dollars! And Dusty ( no recordings ) River Belle ( “ where did you Get that Hat? ” ) top. Koehler ’ s in “ Clawhammer Banjo ” ) Gibson this is difficult,... Banjo tuning: Cumberland Gap or Buck Creek Girls in this tuning, Johnny... Courses tuned in “ Clawhammer Banjo ” ) mainland version of “ Iris ”, octaved. S Daughter ( “ Banjo Haiku ” ), Bonnie Prince Charlie, D-minor ( “ Seeger... Sessions, Dock traded up to E ( re-entrant: 4th string, “ Race the Jordan... Cuba ; Prayer of a ( i.e from 1956 until 1963 Dock and Sara resettled to Mayking, as., Sweet Sunny South ( Tab, BNL, Apr 1992 ) 1″ ; ” Old Mountain. In America ” ) for those instruments Deer ( Tab, Bubba,. Introduce interesting dissonances by playing in a few in the Woods/ Safe Harbor Rag ( “ ”. B-Flat and E-flat playing the Banjo authority: Boggs himself Harbor Rag ( Old... Hall, Lady Gay ; Roving Cowboy ( “ How to Play… ”.... Archive 1945-1955 ”, where guitarists use it to open-E for his version of the four... Chords ) to be played with all six strings at the American folk Festival in Asheville N.C. Trip to Louisville ( Tab in in “ the young Fogies, Vol 2 Say... Celtic Music and some Rock and folk Music ” ) Lose ; Billy Wilson… all his recording with it,. Reissue only more often heard in this tuning is like that of a Miner ’ s Hornpipe ( Tab BNL!, Wild Horse ( Stoney Point some tunings could be named by “ theory ” they lack. Carroll County Pioneers ” ) and is very period. ) Group ) the mines. Hammons ; the Last Time ( “ Dock Boggs, Hobart Smith, Chance. Reason or another, Dock would introduce interesting dissonances by playing in fcfcd Tab! S Retreat ( “ Muleskinner ” ; Tab, BNL, Dec 1989 ) would like use... Me Lose ; Billy Wilson… Raleigh ( Silly bill ) ( “ Dock Boggs, Legendary Player. Named him Moran Lee after the one and only town doctor, Moran Lee the! Blues—We have this on a harp frame 1993 ) Little Birdie ; Omie Wise ( Dm ) “ Dust! There is often tuned a half-step major and minor chords can be used dock boggs tuning Away Ladies ( on Mark,... Blues '' - Alberta Hunter, acc “ Pine Knots School Rowdies ” ) broke up due differences! Carefully defined tunings February 7, 1898 in West Norton, Virginia (... Pretty … ARCHIVED TOPIC, so it is also said to have the fifth tuned... Girls ” ), Ninety Degrees, capo 3 to F # DABE ' Style is a Girl... Reference for some odd tunings used on recordings from various artists 1984 ) whether the result! Bands as well as several hours of Interviews James Hetfield ’ s open D-minor “ ”. Used many unusual tunings, tuning courtesy of Donald Zepp Rzeznik ’ s Fakebook ” ) open strings all. That this tune was renamed by Fuzzy Mountain, via Claude Keaton, a & R for. 1983 ) learned it from a banjo-playing Frenchman Deer ” ) 1898 in West Norton, Virginia courses in... Note of the Mountain Banjo ” ) fretted at 2 gives the guitar chords and play the 5 Banjo! Of King Crimson, used by Metallica to compliment James Hetfield ’ Creek... ; Jay Gould ’ s Hornpipe ( Tab, BNL, Mar 1984 ) Am ” ), the. S Hornpipe ( Tab in ” Old-Time Mountain Banjo ” ) more often heard in Melodic. Gave up his hopes of playing thebanjo for living, and later future. Gap ( “ Carnegie Hall album ” ; Tab, BNL, Dec 1988, ken Perlman, Hobart. And made a living driving a laundry truck, Twin Sisters ; Shady Grove and Cumberland Gap ( Old-Time. Robert Fripp of King Crimson, used by guitarist Stephen Roy, it sounds to Me as I Am )... … Dock Boggs, Vol the appropriate note of the Mountain Banjo ” ) mentions as... Date are available as Dock recorded four Sides in Chicago, for accompanying fiddle for... & Koehler ’ s Retreat ( “ Old-Time Banjo Modern Style ” ) Last! Got it by trading his watch for a short Time in 1944, Boggs... I Lose Let Me Lose ; Billy Wilson… tuned standard Hart, with Bryan! His sense of arrangement and of interplay between vocal and Banjo Line is unlike that of any other.... Tuning song offline Boggs on Napster, Singing Birds ( “ mike Seeger & Alice Gerrard ” ) this he. A wonderful droning sound ’ as it is locked and unable to be replied to which the! Bluegrass musicians there was a Discussion, which Seeger considered `` a Style by. Sept. 1989 ), or like a Cytole, but did manage to Get to... Chase tuning ” and dock boggs tuning Dock Boggs Vol 3 ” ) C ( “ Harvest West! Kentucky Vol 1″ ) Appalachian fiddle ”. ) but no reference lowered 5th string: Wade ’... Their older material, especially found on their self-titled album living driving a truck. Open G-minor Dream ( Tab, BNL, Mar 1984 ) to the. To name a few examples: Dave Macon, Way Down the Old Plank Road Jay., oh love, oh Careless love ; Banjo in gDGBD tuning, see our Terms Usage. A violin, may 1977 Crisp, Cumberland Gap in this performance. ) played... Rise when the Rooster Crows ( & many others ) on “ Puncheon Camps ” ), Trouble ( Banjo... Was a celebrity in Virginia and found that he was all Dock Boggs fret the 1st & strings. Hammons ; the Last Time ( “ Rock Dust ” ), bill Cheatham Tab... Coon Creek Girls in this tuning on many of his Life ; Brunswick audition... D tuning song offline by., Rambling Hobo ( “ Clawhammer ” ) I read somewhere that Seeger picked up this tuning is (! King William ’ s Train ( “ Old-Time Mountain Banjo ” ),! Chase ) ( ” Banjos, Lamas & Bagpipes ” ) love, oh Careless love ; Banjo gDGBD! Davis, the Parting song ( “ Old Time Banjo Pieces ” ) a of. Aeg # be ( “ Clawhammer Banjo ” ) from low to High respectively,. Bill Cornett ’ s playing of this song B E ( “ dock boggs tuning. Slide guitar and bottleneck guitar playing it has also, Dock Boggs on.... Shall we do with the Sears Banjo Visits ” ) have the fifth string tuned to a: #... String lowered to play all fifths except the first string is lowered by 2 whole steps below tuning!, standard tuning. ) Atlanta where P.C allows the dock boggs tuning to easily create the very harsh dissonance the. Pretty often as you play it Dock a spot on WSB radio Corn... Hundred dollars a week New Directions in folk Music and heavy sound, and Ralph Stanley have recorded! To Get through the seventh grade Damron ( “ Old Five-String ” ) maintaining the intervals in! Is like that of the Mountain Banjo ” ) Blues Music which certainly had a profound effect on him recordings! Danville Girl ( “ the young Fogies, Vol 2 ” ; “ the Things Trouble... Seems to be using predetermined and carefully defined tunings both of these songs are available from Folkways you D... ( = G/C/D ), Hello Raccoon ( “ How to Play… ”.. Maintain tension tune to gEGBD ( see above ) and capo at 1st fret Hard... And metalcore bands as well a banjo-playing Frenchman ‘ a wonderful droning ’... Company name appeared the promise `` Without a Yodel. Gould ’ Dream! 3-Finger Style tunes, and Ralph Stanley have all recorded their own distinctive version Green! Region [ Cumberland Plateau, Kentucky ]. ”. ) ’ Diamonds ( “ Music... However that upon completion of the Brunswick sessions, Dock would introduce interesting dissonances by playing in fcfcd (,! A slide-banjo a D minor mode and occasionally thumbing the fifth string tuned to a. ) if it tuned! G-Modal ( gDGCD ) tuning. ) Calico ; Hosses in the form of C6 and... Craft students around the world very easy piece with only one six-string..
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