When they arrive at the Temple, the Monster is destroying the place. Alex relayed Ben's orders to Isabel. [17] Conversely, Ben refuses to allow his spy on the freighter to destroy it long before it reaches the Island, as he would not kill anyone who "did not deserve to die". Music is The Heart of Davy Jones from POTC II. Danielle's first statement after the reunion was a request for Alex to help her tie Ben up. [7] When Michael successfully brings Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to the pier, Ben gives him a boat so he can leave the Island with his son. "The Hunting Party" “Henry Gale”’s real name is Benjamin Linus. Family Ben Linus is unquestionably one of the most morally ambiguous characters in the history of modern television. William Patrick Roache MBE (born 25 April 1932) is an English actor. Ben wants us to take the Galaga and retrieve… ” (The rest was garbled). Tania Raymonde 22 Close. Originally cast for three guest appearances in the second season, Emerson's role was expanded. 27 December 2004 [1] In 2016, Rolling Stone ranked him #1 of their "40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time". As Aldo called Ben for confirmation, Sawyer attacked him, and Kate knocked him out. "[36] Jennifer Godwin of E! Michael Emerson as Ben Linus in the fourth season episode "Cabin Fever", "That's what my father does – he manipulates people. Alex told him to warn the survivors as soon as possible that the Others were coming. Linus Sebastian is a Canadian by birth and was born on 20 August 1986 in Surrey, Canada. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"), Alex was seen chatting to Karl shortly before the group departed from the tower. He gets Locke to reveal what he knows about returning to the island, then kills him and stages it as a suicide. [21] Ben provides Sayid with a list of targets, all of which he successfully kills over the next three years. Their mom Eva works night shift at a hotel. Alex's secret was that she once heard the school nurse and the principal having sex on the school grounds. ("Greatest Hits"), When Ben decided to go by himself to stop Jack from using the satellite phone, Alex asked to go with him, and to her surprise, Ben agreed. Shortly after… Discover (and save!) He is living with his father, Roger (Jon Gries), who is on life support. The Buffalo Sabres have recalled goalie Jonas Johansson from the taxi squad because Linus Ullmark is unavailable tonight for personal reasons, the team announced. Ben explains to her why he really killed Jacob, particularly grieving his daughter. [37], In 2001, Michael Emerson won a Primetime Emmy Award for his guest appearance as serial killer William Hinks on The Practice. [13] He returns to the Barracks with the rest of the Others, and Jack in tow. Ben stated that he would kill Widmore's daughter, Penelope Widmore, in retribution to make Widmore sorry that he "changed the rules". While more than willing to kill the sleeping woman and her daughter, Ethan was ordered by Ben to stay out of sight as the older man approached the camp. On the Island, Ben begins to see visions of his mother, while Roger starts drinking heavily and physically and verbally abusing him. your own Pins on Pinterest Alex 1 Notable Ben-focused Fanworks; 2 Resources; Ben Linus is a character from the television series Lost. [31] John Kubicek of BuddyTV also found his performance "fantastic", adding "he nailed it". Ben Linus: Karl, if you're going to be sleeping with my daughter I insist that you call me Ben. Come here, let me make you another one. Karl and Danielle were killed, and Alex stood up with her hands above her head and yelled repeatedly "I'm Ben's daughter!" It’s a very simple plan that’s also very likely to work. Alex is taken hostage after revealing herself to be Ben's daughter. "What They Died For" The only thing I'm reasonably sure of is that everything he says is for the purpose of impacting a character — and the audience". (Podcast) (\"The Man Behind t… Share your thoughts on this Lost's quote with the community: 0 Comments. She also remarked that Kate's dress used to belong to her. It's not because Juliet is so enticing, it's just the fact that she's got this amazing mind, she has this amazing, you know, intelligence, and I think that's what intrigues him, that's what draws him into her". He said that if the Island wanted her dead, she would be dead. Ben tells Juliet he will convince Jack to perform surgery on him. Alex died as a pawn in the sick game between Ben and Widmore. Später ist Ben bei der Säuberung dabei. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), The following day, Alex prepared a white rabbit. Benjamin Linus is a formerly cunning, most likely racist, manipulative bastard who's kind of been reduced to "bitch" (sometimes known as "tool") status by (fake) John Locke. He speaks to the two workers there and instructs them that the facility is being shut down. [16] Locke returns a few days later with Cooper's corpse, having used Sawyer to do the deed for him, so Ben takes him to meet Jacob. Less than a week after reuniting with her mother at age 16, Alex was executed in front of Ben by Martin Keamy, a mercenary employed by Ben's rival Charles Widmore. in order to dissuade the unseen attackers from shooting her. [68] Emerson was also nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Best Villain.[69]. Rate this quote: (5.00 / 2 votes) 940 Views. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "WENN LINUS" - german-english translations and … Emotional, Ben thanks him. While on the boat, Alex looked up sadly at the same night sky Karl watched from his camp on the Island. [12] After they escape, Ben's operation is finished. When first introduced as Henry Gale during the show's second season, he keeps the characters and the audience guessing about his real identity and motives. Full retirement age increases. Rent Law & Order (1990) starring S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston on DVD and Blu-ray. Later that evening, Jack and Locke had a stand-off in front of the cockpit, resulting in the formation of two separate factions, Locke's group and Jack's group. One of my favourite moments of LOST Season 3. Benjamin Linus remains one of Lost's most fascinating and complex characters. In the flash sideways world, Alex lived a normal life in the outside world with her mother. [32] Sterling Beaumon was cast to play Ben in the flashbacks of episode "The Man Behind the Curtain". Age While with the Others, Alex helped the survivors on several occasions. In "The Substitute", Ben Linus is shown as a teacher of European History. Ben asked Charles to kill her himself, and he looked very put off by the suggestion, declining to do so. [5] Once free, Ben urges Alex, and her boyfriend and mother, to travel to the Temple, for protection from the people on the freighter. Alex told Ben that the mercenaries had killed Karl and Danielle, and she begged him to save her. What if I told you that somewhere on this island there's a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, when you opened that box there it would be. Last [21] Locke enters Jacob's cabin alone, and returns stating they need to move the Island. Alex was raised by Ben as one of the Others, and she was told that her mother was dead. ("I Do"), Later, before going into surgery, Ben asked Juliet if Alex had asked about him. Ben and Miles join Richard, while the rest decide to go talk to the Monster. She orders him to follow Locke and do whatever he asks, then disappears. She warned Kate that they would kill her boyfriend, "just like they killed mine". Ben still maintained that he did the right thing by saving her. Roger and Emily Linus were hiking in a forest 32 miles outside Portland, Oregon when she went into early labor. "How Henry Gale became the leader of The Others", 'Lost' start Michael Emerson: What you didn't know, Lost: "The Man Behind the Curtain" Review, Six reasons to look forward to season four of Lost, "Lost: Episode 4.3 "The Economist" Live Thoughts", Kate Causes Trouble for Locke and His Group, Death, Dear Ones and the Monster: Michael Emerson Talks, "Lost receives seven Saturn Award nominations", 'Lost' star Terry O'Quinn wins best supporting drama actor Emmy, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ben_Linus&oldid=995960146, Articles with dead external links from October 2016, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 20:04. ISABELLAS er et bredt livsstilsunivers om have, mad og bolig med særlig fokus på økologi, bæredygtighed, DIY og det gode hverdagsliv. The Island [3] He unsuccessfully tries to convince the survivors he is Henry Gale,[28] although succeeds in manipulating Locke to turn against Jack while held prisoner under this guise. She pretended to hold Sawyer and Kate captive and tried to convince the guard, Aldo, to let them in. save. In the following episode, "He's Our You", he helps free Sayid under the impression Sayid was sent by the Others to bring him to Richard. Ben was the leader of a group of island natives called the Others and was initially known as Henry Gale to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Ben tells him that he is still special and that he can help his father, Michael, even though he is dead, and offers Walt a job to return to the island. He then leaves with Locke and Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia) to communicate with Jacob. However, when Ben learns Rousseau has a child, he kidnaps the baby Alex Rousseau, warning Rousseau to never come looking for the baby if she wants either of them to live. Jan 11, 2014 - Ever Wonder what houses the losties would end up with? Alex told Jack about Juliet's verdict and told him they are strict about killing their own. With Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Michael Emerson. wrote that "no one has ever done better work humanizing a supervillain. [26] He can also be petty and vindictive, even to the point of murder, when he does not get what he wants. [46] Later in the season Carabott had a problem with Ben being so deceptive, as "anything he imparts must be taken with a grain of salt". missinglost. She coldly added, "Happy Birthday, Dad", as she left. ("Stranger in a Strange Land"). After an undisclosed period of time, Ben, on orders from Hurley, arrives at the Dharma Logistics Warehouse in Guam. Shortly after, Danielle killed all the remaining members of the science expedition, including Alex's biological father Robert, claiming that they were sick. ("What They Died For"), In 2005, Ben visited Charles Widmore in London, and accused him of killing Alex. Ben is beaten and taken hostage, and forced to watch as the freighter is contacted. The plane crash lands on the Hydra Island, so Ben attempts to take a boat to the main island. They run into Jack's group and they both go to the heart of the Island, where Desmond removes the cork of the Island, causing the Island to begin collapsing. Log in Sign up. Security thugs killed your daughter? She commented that Kate was not even supposed to be in the cage she was held captive in. Publish × Close Report Comment. One evening Alex stopped by the house of Dr. Benjamin Linus, a European history teacher at her school after he failed to show up at the after-school History Club. [3] He returns to the Others' camp, and tells Richard, now his second-in-command, to lead the remaining Others to the Temple. Jul 28, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Georgie Harkin. The show took time to humanize and redeem him, but Ben also served as a formidable antagonist for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. After Jack kills the Monster, Ben and Hurley volunteer to stay behind on the Island with Jack to assist him relighting the Island. Alex cried out to Sawyer and Kate, who were lying on the ground under Danny's orders, that whatever the Others tell them they should not believe. She then asked her mother if Ben could stay over for dinner. [55] Following "Confirmed Dead", Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen felt "Isn't the whole business of Ben manipulating Locke with the promise of Island secrets getting just a little bit old? He turns a large frozen wheel in the wall, which teleports the Island to a new location. The tumultuous 2020, however, will bring an end to that streak, as the anticipated Ridley Scott-directed The Last Duel Matt Damon leads has been delayed to 2021. She then shared a secret with Dr. Linus about the principal, asking him not to share it. Ben murders Widmore before he is able to make a deal with the Monster to spare his daughter. "Greatest Hits" In the third-season finale, Ben is informed by Tom Friendly (M. C. Gainey), an Other, that they have captured three of the crash survivors: Sayid Jarrah, Bernard Nadler (Sam Anderson), and Jin-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim). He banishes Charles Widmore from the island and assumes his leadership role, as he is the only one who can allegedly interact with their real leader, Jacob, and communicate his will to the group. ("The Glass Ballerina"), Three days later, on the prisoners' sixth day on the Hydra Island, Alex intruded again into the quarry, an area she was not supposed to be in, and attacked two of the Others using a slingshot. He claims to have been born on the Island,[10] leading to him being thought of as a miracle by the Others, as pregnant women die on the island;[27] but later confesses to Locke that he was lying. ("Dead Is Dead") Despite this meeting, Danielle claimed never to have seen one of the Others during her first sixteen years on the Island and used the term interchangeably with "the whispers" at the time she told her story. In addition, the falling-out on the island between Ben and Charles Widmore is revealed. He makes you think it's your idea but it's his. The Man in Black then tells Ben that Widmore had already told him everything he needed to know. Ben believes him and relays Locke this information. Keamy sent a walkie-talkie into Ben's house with Miles, and when Ben found out Alex was the hostage, he agreed to go to the window and speak with Keamy. [20] Furthermore, when Locke confronts Ben about causing the freighter to explode, Ben coldly replies, "So? Johnson '' ), after Ben escapes, Ilana chases after him, and Ben a... The real Locke 's last thoughts, while being strangled by Ben as one of the Staff saying. When I heard about this article his name is one of which was Linus... ] Locke enters Jacob 's cabin Alone, and she begged them not to hurt the,. Wonderful role '' find the Monster Locke leaves the Island, so attempts! She also told Jack about Juliet 's death, the Monster forces to... She apologized to Michael and knocked him out of the Others, Alex lived a normal life in situation... Judged by the Monster takes the form of Locke of being protector of the Others were coming likely start ’... Making this a `` captivating minor character '' did n't seem to.... To go destroy the Island to bring them to the radio tower with the rest decide to go talk the! A list of targets, All of which was formerly the ancient country of Carthage S. Epatha Merkerson and Waterston... As `` my child '', asking him not to hurt the survivors is shown a... Two of them both saw principal Reynolds is having a sexual affair with one of Lost 's most and. Him to dig a grave and explains she will hunt him down destroy... Had no idea when he tells Locke ben linus daughter sent the freighter and All Alex... Of a grate below and surrounds Ben, who is on life.... Best villain. [ 69 ] he has a vision from his cell, and is soon by. Taking the form of Alex Rousseau referred to her only as `` my ''. To rescue Jack, Kate, Hurley, and he looked very put by... Morally ambiguous characters in the History of modern television, but was shot by Juliet group, was! For three guest appearances in the History of modern television not interfere with the rest of Others... Kills the Monster escaping by blowing up the Ajira plane is shown during season six up... Ken Barlow on the Island, so he could not respond a small fortune beyond... Oldid=1121847, during casting, the Monster visits Ben, showing flashes of decisions he made in mother... Place in exchange of him operating your tumor first dress used to belong to her daughter, Alex watched and. ] Locke enters Jacob 's cabin Alone, and Alex 's secret was that once... Look forward to season four, one of the Others were back at the Rosa... Cast from the freighter to explode, Ben arrives at the same night sky Karl watched from camp! There ’ s real name is Benjamin Linus was ranked # 24 on the,... New location when Charles Widmore is there, and is instead the Monster after Jack the. From being my favorite character on Lost n't care I did it Benjamin. To stay Behind on the Island, Ben backs down Island in 1988, 11-year-old Ethan was dispatched with Linus. 0.00 / 0 votes ) 940 Views principal as the leader of the first came. Lost: 10 Flashbacks ben linus daughter Contained Big Surprises Throughout the show, Ben begins to cry Andrews Henry. Did not reveal herself to be sleeping with my daughter Alex Eva night. I have full sympathy [ for Ben ] crept into Danielle 's tent under the pseudonym Henry Gale a. Commented that Kate 's dress used to belong to her house where her mother if Ben could over... Other ben linus daughter us about season four Brett Cullen ) to investigate Emily 's, third.! Decide to go work, she invites him to rejoin their group, kills.
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