Gameplay: Adding a Zeta to Asajj – particularly Rampage – is a complete transformation to her use, particularly if built around a team that can revive or in a raid phase that will see a lot of revives such as Phase 3 of HAAT. 1% Crit chance on Asajj is only worth 1% Crit Chance, just as it is on Leia, but because of Leia's kit-based stat synergy with Critical Damage, that stat is more valuable. Hate will feed you. Attention to detail and scale make this game a joy to behold, with 16 incredible new battlefronts such as Utapau, Mustafar and the space above Coruscant, as well as the Death Star interior and Tantive IV, Princess Leia's blockade runner seen at the beginning of the original Star Wars. Dark Adept Understudy to Count Dooku, also seen in the AOTC animated series. Published by hjalmarrokka10 (mod ID: 304542) Never sympathize with the enemy, not even for a moment. This mod from Hirman adds a texture of a character named Asajj Ventress to the game. Asajj has natural synergy with every Nightsister but especially strong with Zombie, Mother Talzin and Old Daka. y otros países. The Dathomirian female Asajj Ventress was born on the planet Dathomir in the latter years of the Galactic Republic's reign as the preeminent governing body in the galaxy. Ventress Moon 47 Members / 49 Profiles. Thank you very much for doing it, it was necessary in the Game. "Asajj is An assassin trained in the ways of the dark side by Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress yearned to be considered a true Sith, but such status wasn't allowed under the Sith's Rule of Two." Asajj Ventress for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Velkommen til den nyeste artikel i en serie om Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, hvor vi ser på de bedste mods til individuelle figurer. If you want to hear the reasoning behind the advice, read the actual article. Asajj Ventress is a Villain available to download in Star Wars: Battlefront II on the Original Xbox. Does it interfere with any other mod, because I don't have any other mod on Kylo. Hur man mod Asajj Ventress för framgång i Galaxy of Heroes. (4) +128 Offense - provides more overall damage than an arrow with Speed primary. Also any mod with multiple flat Offense rolls and multiple %Offense rolls could be great even without good Speed. Hello guest register or sign in . She is a very formidable opponent in battle, and is very skilled in the Force with a manifestation of hatred and bile. Details of how to use and mod Asajj Ventress within specific teams can be found on the following pages: This is a player model (with NPC support) of the Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress as based on her outfits during the later seasons of the Clone Wars TV show. Added Nightsister zombies on dagobah, man hunt to support Asajj Ventress. On the Physical Damage side, Ventress gets and average increase of 1,631 to bring her to 4,301 Physical Damage. Secondly, as I mentioned, Asajj has zero synergy with any specific stat - speed, crit … Noter det… Synergy Teams. Released Jan 10th, 2021.Ranked 20,778 of 403,145 with 0 (0 today) downloads. Todos los derechos reservados. Still of the best mods made Released Jan 1st, 2021.Ranked 1,463 of 359,132 with 6 (6 today) downloads. Mods Synergy - Count Dooku - Mother Talzin - Old Daka - Ahsoka Tano. Published by michalpatora2009 (mod ID: 452643) Ventress's mother belonged to the co… Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Asajj Ventress Nightsister for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. De bästa mods för Asajj Ventress i SWGoH. The mod has been fully remade with new face textures, customized outfit, star playing cards, skill icons, textual content alternative, lightsaber and extra. This means that benefit of Critical Chance mods for Leia are 50% higher than they are for Asajj. To install the model, simply extract the zzzzzVentressPack PK3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi … Välkommen till den senaste artikeln i en serie om Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes där vi tittar på de bästa moderna för enskilda karaktärer. Asajj Ventress for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. ↳ SWBF2 Map/Mod Works In Progress ↳ SWBF2 Released Maps & Mods ↳ 3D Modeling & Animation ↳ All things SWBF1 ↳ Released Assets; Gametoast Hosted Mods -- Battlefront Series ↳ SWBF1 Conversion Pack ↳ The Dark Times ↳ SWBF2 Xbox Mod ↳ SWBF2 PSP Mod; Gametoast Site And Clan Discussion ↳ [GT] Gametoast Clan (all games) Asajj Ventress Zeta Review. Published by itsnotray (mod ID: 501537) Asajj Ventress Clone Wars 2003 for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Capturing the drama and epic conflict of Star Wars, Battlefront II brings the fight online. I saw this mod was not uploaded on Moddb, so I added it so that my friends can have an easy place to download. I don't remember if i fully explained the Ventress/Ahsoka backstory for this storyline or not. Best Mods For Asajj Ventress; Best Mods For Asajj Ventress; FIRST OFF: THERE IS A TL;DR AT THE END OF THIS POST. Meanwhile, since every hit is going to crit, you get 175 * 1.5 (critical hit with offense mods) = 262.5 % of base damage or Dathomir, which was outside of Republic territory, was ruled by the Nightsisters, a clan of witches that used the Force in the form of Magick to manipulate nature around them and control their male counterparts, the Nightbrothers. This mod from Hirman adds a texture of a character named Asajj Ventress to the game. very good mod. © Valve Corporation. Conceptualized for AOTC movie, but never used. Published by itsnotray (mod ID: 501535) The unique Kylo Ren pores and skin is unchanged.-Version 1.1 Changelog--Improvements to skill icons. UU. Asajj Ventress. Team Strategy. -Asajj Ventress Hirman's Asajj Ventress - 'Fixed' Final 2.1 addon - Star Wars: Jedi Academy. -Wiki Credits: Thanks to an awesome friend of mine,"Jellik". Power 34605; Speed 124; Health 35,381 First off, mods apply to everyone - so while you're tricking out a speed-build Asajj up to a whopping 116 speed, my Qui Gon Jin has a speed build approaching 275, due to mods. This mod replaces Kylo Ren’s “Unmasked” and “Scarred” skins with Asajj Ventress. Todas las marcas registradas pertenecen a sus respectivos dueños en EE. Released Dec 14th, 2020.Ranked 80,985 of 350,591 with 4 (0 today) downloads. Arena Rating: Based on role, speed, damage, survival, and utility ratings, depicts relative unsynergized strength of a hero on a relative scale.. If you just want a really quick set of advice, feel free to look there. Unit Strategy <<<>> Information on any specifics that may be important to know such as ability order or when not to do an ability. The original masked Kylo is not affected except for his lightsaber. But still Ventress's voice doesn't work for me. After 4 deaths, doing the calc means 100 (base offense) 60 (bonus from unique) 15 (bonus from mod set) Or 175 total vs. 160 total for a CD set. Nightsister controller with healing who generates attack power as characters are defeated. More Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) Mods This Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod replaces Kylo Ren's third skin with Asajj Ventress. This is a map pack that adds the SWBF1 maps in SWBF2 and features the the SWBF2 DLC heroes of Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto. In the game, her lightsabers are connected together by a fibercord at the hilt. Released Jan 10th, 2021.Ranked 5,370 of 403,145 with 1 (1 today) downloads. She is also available in Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron as a normal hero. Selvom jeg ikke hævder at have alle svarene i dette spil, gør jeg min research og har brugt hver tone, jeg skriver om i udstrakt grad. For Porting and rigging this model went very fast! So DO NOT use CC mods on Ventress even for PvP. SWGOH Asajj Ventress Counters Based on 4,470 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Asajj Ventress is one of those rare characters in SWGoH who deal both Physical & Special Damage, making her Relic upgrades more efficient and more valuable than many.
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