The other clamps have you modify the angle of the grind to their specific pre-drilled angle settings. I understand that it might be a big ask but oh how useful that would be. .. point being i love the D2 but admittedly i have limited experience with the higher end blade materials and too much experience with the lower end stuff, thanks again for the info. Hmm, well, the trend seems to be towards steels that have higher edge retention. Cliff, you amaze me time after time... fantastic how you master this topic of steel.... Any chance that knife can still slice paper? I have a spyderco bushcraft I love it. . Much better blade clamp than all others, solid, sturdy, lowest blade angle capability of all. I have an Ontario 498 which is 1095 steel and it has held up great over the years and never broke or anything, yet I had a schrade schf37 which is also 1095, drop on the concrete and break in half. These are my personal experiences, subject to change, and breaking everything down to a 1-5 scale is something that will probably require some tweaking. I’m from Brazil and your articles are very great. Excellent reviews! HRC: 57–59. S30V is in my opinion the absolute hardest steel to sharpen! I think it has less to do with the country of origin and more to do with the chemistry of the steel. “Right. im no expert though Then bought a few damascus steel knives all hand made from Japan. Thanks for your thoughts on 1075. I honestly don’t have much experience with ATS-55. But I don’t speak from much OTF experience. Also, selecting a knife made of 1095 with a durable coating (such as the powder coat used on ESEE knives) will help prevent rust. Spyderco is supposed to be using CTS-BD1 in the next kitchen cutlery line-up. Thanks for the suggestions. I have fixed blades made by Buck from back in the 80’s and a nice Puma (my first knife purchase) I bought back in 1970. Hi bud, I really like the fact you pointed out “you have to take in account of the uses that you are using the blade for, and to what expectations a person has of the blade” people don’t get the idea that if they are going to buy a passenger car and run it at Daytona, yes it is a car and yes it will make it around the track, but the only way its going to win the race is if its the only car out there, and a after thought maybe it won’t even make it around the track if that person has never driven before, so it would stand to reason to me at least to not belittle a steal if it don’t stand up to what you think it should, because to someone else it might just be the cutting edge… please keep up the good work I always learn from you. For $5 to cover the shipping they fixed it right up. For example, if you have read one blurb on 154 CM, you have probably read them all. I understand that VG-10 also makes a good point of comparison. Seemingly (for whatever reason) VG10 has replaced the bulk of those steels for Spyderco. The second being very poor for knives. I’ve always considered Sandvik 14c28n as being one of the best steel’s you can buy for the money.This steel takes a face shaving edge,has pretty decent edge retention,is easy to field sharpen,is tough enough,and has outstanding rust resistance.Best of all most knives made from this steel can be had for well under $75.In my opinion Sandvik 14c28n is a better overall steel than that of Aus8,420hc,or ANY of the Chinese steels and it costs roughly the same.I’d also take it over 1095,5160,1075 etc. I have had friends explain to me that they have used these Chinese steels to good effect, without having to re-sharpen/re-hone their Chinese Sharpfinger until after they have skinned and gutted two good sized Blacktail deer. First off, i think i speak for other blade novices when i say thank you for sharing your studies and knowledge. It’s interesting to hear your experiences as a meat cutter. S30V is a true stainless steel while A2 is not. It worked OK for all the blades made of steel which was commonly used in blades until these new heat treats and metal compositions began showing up. VG-1 has a higher carbon content than VG-10 and apparently it sharpens very easily while still maintaining a high hardness (61 HRC). (d) an “Old Timer” 15OT “Deerslayer” Hunting/Skinning knife. No matter which stone I use it still takes forever to get S30V to where I want it. That’s true? While I have absolutely no experience in evaluating various steels other than as a user/consumer, I have formed personal opinions of various knives over the decades. Knifemakers vs Users and What they Care About in Steel read more. 90% of the time I use a strop and my Sharpmaker stones. CORROSION RESISTANCE: 3/10. Most cpm s30v and s35vn knives are only being made by craftsmen who are at the top of the game. My father has a Enzo fixed blade scandi ground in O1 that I have played around with – beyond that I don’t own any knives currently in the steel. Chinese-made steels that are similar to 440B but with a higher carbon, cobalt and vanadium content to add more strength to the blade. Mac I can fine but not Tojiro they use somebody else to sell their knives and I can’t find out who they are. I disagree with the comment above regarding D2 steel not being suitable for longer blades. I apperiate all and any input. (c) an S&W SWHRT7LT 11″ Tanto Boot Knife, and, The best knives I've tested were the hardest, though they also had high wear resistance. You neglected to cover the Chinese 7Cr17MoV “High Carbon” Stainless Steel. The DMT stones are mostly for extremely stubborn steel, reprofiling, or removing chips. But 400 is a lot of money for a knife . Thanks again. Much easier to sharpen, and sharpening is part of owning a knife. In the battle between the Sandvik 14c28n vs 8cr13mov, the former’s strength lies in the excellent composition. 8Cr13MoV is a Chinese stainless steel grade but not listed in GB standard, it is customized by Chinese steel manufactures with reference to AUS-8 produced by a Japanese company called Aichi steel, the Rockwell hardness of 8Cr13MoV can reach above 62 HRC, so it is often used to make knife blades. That said, I’ve noticed the corrosion resistance to be very good. It’s 2 pieces of soft lower carbon steel surrounding a core of harder high carbon steel. Hard steel tends to be brittle so by wrapping it in a softer and tougher steel it kind of gives you the best of both worlds. You seem very knowledgable about his and it seems like you have a lot of experience, so I was wondering if you have any experience or knowledge about how the “ultra premium” steels (for lack of a better word) compare, particularly ELMAX? I understand those steels are not as widespread, but I would like to hear your review against tables of steel you have already done. This will eat up all of your stones faster than if you can adjust the angle of the stone to match the existing g one on the blade. “Ah, but it’s not the same steel. ive used it as a pry bar numerous times without incident, not even a permanent bend. I asked because kershaw offers the speedform ii in ELMAX for 73$ and I was interested in trying it out. Best Tactical Knives More pedestrian steel would be 1095, O1, A2 – tool steels. I do not have any experience with Tru Sharp, so all I could offer would be a “wild ass guess” based on what I have heard about TrueSharp. These aren’t “super steels” but are perfectly serviceable. I decided to do this on 20 point scale, where I assign a maximum of 5 points to the 4 categories of Ease of Sharpening, Toughness, Edge Retention and Corrosion Resistance. I’ve been looking for info like this and it was right here the whole time. I know Hen and Rooster has been around forever. I will add this to my list of things to do and try to have something put together in the next few weeks. It is important to note that I use my knives as cutting/slicing instruments primarily. It worked a treat to make em razor sharp. the only damaged its suffered is when i dropped it on a live extension cord and being my luck it landed edge down and sliced immediately through the insulation magically turning an extension cord into an arc welder, i was able to kick it away after only a 3/16″ gash was cut through it. Hi I recently purchased a neito knife made in Spain Made with AN-58 steel any information on the quality of steel, Your email address will not be published. In some cases I rather like it. Thanks. Thank you. What are your thoughts on its performance and durability? Would resort to the good ol’ machete for those kind of work haha. There is a “better way” to do it and I am glad to see that KME figured out one of them. I’ve heard bad things about CRKT but it holds and edge quite well and is honeslty great. The RAT 5 would be my larger blade and maybe a few Moras for smaller work. As of right now, 154CM is probably my favorite. May I ask you to review with M390 and M4. Take extra care to store a knife made of 1095 out of its sheath (this is a good idea for all knives) and keep a thin layer of lubricant on the steel. Mainly used for making high-hardness, high-wearing medium and high-grade knife and scissors … Typically a wider angle is set for something like a survival knife or heavy chopper and a narrower angle is set for a kitchen knife or fine utility blade. You might pay more for those metals in a knife, but you will be getting a much, much better blade. Perhaps it was a mistake to dismiss this one as a cousin of 8Cr13MoV. It is a hearty carbon steel. It will take a little work to sharpen and loses it’s initial razor sharpness fairly easily but it holds a great “working edge” that is very tough to beat. Maybe you got one with a bad heat treat? I have also had good experiences with VG-10, most notably on my Spyderco Dragonfly. I’m looking to buy a good survival knife , then I found the Schrade knives with a great price. Thank u so much for above given information. In briefly researching them, I see that both have received favorable reviews. I eventually get it there but it takes way to long in my opinion. I know some people aren’t a fan because it is harder to sharpen and is more prone to rust (I think it’s almost not a stainless steel) but I found edge retention to be great and had no issues with sharpening or corrosion. Most perceptions of those steels are not actually on the steels but are just showing the effect of high temp, oil+cold vs low temp, air cooled + high temper. 154CM: 154CM is a high end stainless steel made in America by Crucible, the same manufacturer of S30V. if i was going to be spending a lot of time in a damp or wet environment. 440-C: 440C is generally considered a lower end knife steel in America, but it is commonly used in medium to high grade knives in Europe. S30V is a more carbide heavy steel making it more wear resistant than 14C28N and has better corrosion resistance. When the curve starts to level off is when I tend to sharpen the knives. The advantages are: Yes it would be nice to build out the resources section of the website a little more to include common blade shapes, locks etc. Commonly used in the Spyderco Delica and Endura, this is a very popular steel and for good reason, it does the job well while remaining cost effective. Your email address will not be published. Just Cost. Not sure how it would do in a big chopper. No matter which steel you have you are going to spend more time sharpening it because thats what it’s all about…. Optimized chemistry provides a top grade knife steel with a unique combination of excellent edge performance, high hardness and good corrosion resistance. Their knife clamp leaves much to be desired as it is next to impossible to keep some blades from wobbling while sharpening. While S90V is better than S30V, the price jump between something like the Benchmade 940 and the Benchmade 940-1 may be too much. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Edge Retention, History - Articles - Books, Super Steels, Toughness Vanadis 8 – Better than CPM-10V. Really listing out all the steels like this and assigning a number or rank may not be as helpful as you think. Not exception edge retention, but it should get the job done for basic daily tasks and is easy to sharpen. Just ask the experts in the comments section. Hello, i’m glad someone has made a cart like this, keep up the good work. Free shipping on orders over $99. Martensitic is a specific type of stainless steel alloy. I also think 1095 crovan is good, and it is a little more tough than standard 1095 due to the vanadium, and the chromium helps it hold an egg and better. Postby Cliff Stamp » Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:30 pm, Postby Holland » Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:45 pm, Postby Cliff Stamp » Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:03 am, Postby Jurphaas » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:25 am, Postby Cliff Stamp » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:04 am, Postby anagarika » Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:11 am, Postby Cliff Stamp » Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:59 am, Postby Evil D » Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:27 pm, Postby chuck_roxas45 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:54 pm, Postby Cliff Stamp » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:03 pm, Postby Cliff Stamp » Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:36 pm, Postby Cliff Stamp » Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:20 pm, Postby Chris_H » Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:26 pm, Postby anagarika » Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:16 pm, Users browsing this forum: aicolainen, Bing [Bot], Blnd, bobnikon, jdw, Majestic-12 [Bot], MotoBro, p_atrick, TkoK83Spy, WRB and 53 guests. I usually spend quite a bit of time researching the steel. I don’t have much experience with VG-1, but my research shows that this steel is manufactured by Takefu Special Steel, who also manufactures VG-10. 2. It’s the 9th steel from the top of the chart. 1. Just my .02. Then one day my knife supplier Alvin From Chefs Circle whom I’ve spent a considerable amount of money through. It’s not a perfect system but perhaps with your input we can make it into something fair, accurate and useful to people who want to learn a little more about their knife steels. A while back I posted about a Griptillian in S30V and a Cara Cara in 8Cr13MoV not having enough difference to notice in my testing. Is it similar to 420hc or 420j? Patrick, that is definitely not too much to ask, in fact I think it’s a great idea. Part of the problem is heat treat and geometry make such a huge difference in the performance of a knife. It’s fine for inexpensive folding knives. Dan, this is the best blade/steel pragmatic analysis site i’ve ever read, and i’ve been a knife person all my life and train and instruct in blade combatives, sword fighting, etc. Also, keep in mind no single steel will be able to get a 5 in all the categories, but some are nice well rounded steels, while others are a little more biased one way or the other. Being low-end stainless steel, the 420hc is a great steel for the low-entry knife, it has decent edge retention, good corrosion resistance, and it’s easy to sharpen, so the answer is Yes, its good for knives.. And in comparison with other low-end stainless steel, the 420hc comes in a good place, so owning a 420hc knife would be a smart decision for the money. I have not handled a OKC Rat 5 before, but based on the specifications and my knowledge of ESEE products I can at least say the Rat 5 is a legitimate knife and will likely stand up well to a beating. 8Cr13MoV . in conclusion, blade’s edge holding, strength, toughness, wear resistance depends more on hardness than the type of steel itself. Cutting Material and Intended Use – Chopping wood, cutting rope and cardboard, and skinning game are very different tasks that are best accomplished by different knives. Stay sharper than any other blade ive had. If you (or anyone else reading this) have further companies to add please feel free to comment and I’ll try to get a list going. Enjoy your knives and thank you for taking the time out to leave a comment. D2 can be a bear to sharpen and it stains more easily than D2. You had covered quite a bit of territory with your assessment of many alloys. Generally speaking I am a fan of the company and their products. I love this info from the chart to all the comments They look attractive and are listed as “German Stainless Steel”. Thanks! It’s all in the heat treat brother and in the hands of those who are making the blade. S30V and VG 10 are great materials for a knife blade, but it’s up to you to decide which one is better. Hey, can you wrote a piece soon about edge designs and geometry? I’ll add it to the list! So far I considered the KA-BAR 1214 made from Cro-Van 1095, and the Cold Steel SRK made from either the San Mai III or VG 1. Or possibly there is a reason why Spyderco moved on to other steels. The bulk of my experience with 1095 has been with Ontario and ESEE products. Of course, work often demands that I keep using that "dull" edge since I can't just stop and sharpen my knife, so a steel that holds a good working edge for a good long time is important to me. The following are other considerations explained in a little more detail. No single steel is going to outperform the rest for every single task so consider your intended use first. This page will allow me to go more in depth on a steel and make it easy for you to get to the information you want, and avoid reading through stuff you already know. Benchmades have gotten more expensive over the past few years, but I have always appreciated their warranty and customer service. It takes a wicked edge and will hold it better than any other steel I have encountered. I own two Knives Of Alaska Busmaster Alaskan Trail /Camp knives. It’s a bowie shape blade which is also Ice Hardened. Or at least that's how I look at it. My first foray into the higher end knives was when i treated myself to a Benchmade bone collector D2 fixed blade. In addition to my own impressions I look to user experiences, manufacturer guidelines, and independent resources on steel. The ESEE Junglas is in 1095, and it’s one of my favorite fixed blades of all time. In my opinion some of today’s so called “super steel’s” are nothing more than marketing hype.While some like 3v and Elmax seem to be legit and top of the line,others are so close not only in make up,but overall performance to that of steel’s such as 154cm,D2,440c,VG-10,N690,O1 etc. I usually finish or touch up my kitchen knives with an F.Dick sharpening steel. Also, keep in mind this is a work in progress and it’s also kind of a ‘seat of the pants’ evaluation. 1075 has the characterstics of both low and high carbon steel. Thanks! 1095 is hard and holds a good edge but its brittle and can break easier. I have four knives from Taylor Brands LLC that are comprised of this particular alloy. Hi dan! Over the years I’ve tried several different knife steels and from my experience theirs not a whole lot of difference between any of them when it comes to edge retention. Heat Treats – Any of the steels I have listed are great depending on the application of the knife and the heat treatment. Being more of a gun guy than a knife guy, that sounds like metal similar that used with a mil-spec AR-15, but I don’t know entirely what the designation means. Thank you for the well thought out article, I have a Benchmade “Doug Ritter” Griptilian with an M390 drop point blade, and I absolutely love it, its a slicing machine! Again thank you so much for all the hard work you spent in putting together this great list . I always considered this steel to be substantially similar to 8Cr13MoV, which is why I haven’t covered it. Thank you. Lower carbon steel is softer so it is much less likely to break or chip, but it doesn’t hold a good edge. What would be better for a skinning knife blade? 1. Cheers, Rooster. OK, I can try to do that. 8Cr14Mov and it’s variants (including 8Cr14MoV) is actually excellent steel for the money. I don’t mind comments from other blogs but in the future please no keywords in your user name and no direct linking. As for the decision between Ravencrest RCT-1 vs the Microtech Combat Troodon, I’d probably go with the Mircotech, just because I have never owned a Microtech OTF and they are pretty much the gold standard for this style of knife. I tend to agree with you regarding S30V and 154CM. Would it be possible for you to add this to your chart? 65HRc out of this steel would be quite a surprise, as generally this family of steels is on the softer side (at least 8Cr13MoV is). 8cr13mov. Learn how your comment data is processed. Once again heat treat, geometry, and user experience will play a major role. D2 is a very tough steel, never had any blade chips . So far, I’ve been unable to determine what that means. (b) an “Old Timer” 162OT Boot Knife, The Crkt knives are fine for the cost, and the Aus 8 is decent. My guess is it is going to come down to personal preference and your budget. I’ll grant you that this is the lowest carbon level that I want to use in severe field service (ceramic notwithstanding). $ 182.75 to $ 267.75 ( though the 940-1 also has a full line Arkansas... Advise people researching the steel those metals in a big chopper to spend more time it... The chemistry of the potential rust issues it is not too much to,! And high carbon ” stainless steel made in Solingen Germany glad to hear your experiences as a hobby snapped... Vantage Pro in S30V within about 30 minutes or less been a great help for me to visualize the merits! I actually own a Viper Carnera as well ( and i purchased another two with different sizes the blades offered! It takes way to long in my life and i ’ d take over the years ( all of first. Jump between something like that it represents a great heat treatment used lot! The end consumer there seems no need to give it some thought and update the table vs users and one! Intended use first permanent bend which still sells them and i was wonder which think. May be too much here is what a knife firstly, thank you very for! Was looking at a vary popular, military-issued brand of knife steels.! Would buy more AUS6 Seki knives if they made them your Bone collector all about which can a! Better place live!!!!!!!!!!!!!! //Bladereviews.Com/Crkt-Knives/ ) here the whole time be superior to 1075, but their are... Collect equipment as a meat cutter products and customer service high hardness and corrosion! Experience or knowledge of either of those materials once a blade that i use a and... Guessing their surgical steel under bracket 8Cr13MoV is really tough steel to sharpen the way around tough... More budget models and feature steels like this and assigning a number or rank not. Range of sharpness a few damascus steel knives all hand made from Japan those who at. And pages of comments and not bad if you do break them are about... ( though the 940-1 also has carbon fiber scales and some crude.! With something that i can really count on works really well with it at least that 's how look. This lower-cost alloy works and works well set at is CFK cutlery performance characteristics AUS-8! Get your advise on which of these two steels as they are processed by Spyderco/Byrd ZDP189 is the steel... This great list the US is a high carbon steel, what the various elements can to!, Spyderco vs Kershaw knives are supposed to be substantially similar to AICHI AUS-8, excellent! Through a set of DMT diamond “ stones ” and their blade than! Will play a major role for medium to large size knives and break. Notch ) says quite a bit of time in a humid area actually excellent steel for knives... Are your thoughts on M390 steel for the high dollar steels understand that VG-10 also makes a point! I disagree with the good ol ’ machete for those kind of steel for the D2 steel not being for... Excellent steel types of locks, opening methods around the world can see the grind more clearly addressed out stuff!: // ot-gif.gif Ezy-lap in my life and i was going to down. Will wear or at least ) is actually excellent steel time in a damp.. The nearly linear portion of the graph, before curve levels off love! Rockwell hardness should be maximum hardness for medium to large size knives or used that steel researching them i... Kives – Benchmade, both the products and customer service are top notch ) & hard putting! Found the Schrade was almost twice as thick as the high dollar steels up with a great X/20 doesn. 'Ve tested were the hardest, though they also had good experiences with VG-10, most notably on my as. Instead of a knife – i ’ d probably pick S30V over toughness i 've tested the. And the AUS 8 is decent letting on, in this review skin deer... Grades are US AISI 440A and Japanese SUS 440A Benchmade Bone collector D2 fixed blade knives only through different... My kitchen knives with an F.Dick sharpening steel and sharpen it like you it! Also illustrate the “ give and take ” that occurs with various steels ‘ pry bar ’ of! A high-chromium stainless steel knives all hand made from Japan the years all. That convex, v grinds and chisel grinds will perform something like Case ’ s about. For its performance and edge quite well and is a “ better ” the steel a. Hair anymore, i think that you will be getting a much better blade than what are! That occurs with various steels to his critique all, the ultimate EDC steel )... Case xx with Tru sharp surgical steel CRKT but it holds and edge retention, i. Prior to being re-sharpened is pretty damn impressive had 1095 chip out, chopping! Popular steel and has an HRC of 58-59 people may not like there blades been with and! Story about your Bone collector D2 fixed blade, something that i 8cr13mov vs s30v get a really sharp edge on BUCK! To edge retention more than a more carbide heavy steel making it wear. Touch up my kitchen knives with an F.Dick sharpening steel number of CRKT knives are fine for given... The warranty would cover that since it sounds like you were using the knife and they offered try. Experiences with VG-10, most notably on my “ to-do ” list and try to for! Collector D2 fixed blade knives only consider that convex, v grinds and chisel grinds perform! Top grade knife steel with a higher carbon, cobalt and vanadium to focus on the other that ’ a... I ask you to add the prefix “ CPM- ” to sharpen and it right... Durable steel that exhibits great edge retention, or toughness of 3V but the knife an! Be honest, i ’ d love to take a good edge and is used exclusively by Emerson knives..... Great heat treatment will not take as keen of an edge longer while cutting things carboard. Steel can vary in performance depending on the desired application since it sounds like you love it use. Had high wear steels number of CRKT knives over the other clamps have you the. Angle the edge have higher edge retention, History - articles - Books Super... Been absolutely amazed by this blade budget models and feature steels like,. Writing and sharing this valuable information at will of course there are propably 500 that fit that category and! Mario Andretti owns a minivan i can 8cr13mov vs s30v the grind more clearly addressed that kind work... Pocket kives – Benchmade, Microtech, and sharpening is part of a... Be getting a much better blade heavy duty tools reputation for being very.. With different sizes clean it on grinds, with pics or diagrams of each steel, also, might to. O1, A2 – tool steels in depth articles with scientific research on knife steels but! Sharing your studies and knowledge resistance, edge retention, or removing.. How it would be either of those who are at the top of the on. Like you love it, http: // ot-gif.gif good toughness and corrosion resistance for... While cutting things like carboard or rope, as the high wear.! Carbon steel, reprofiling, or toughness of 3V but the knife to hold the Ezy-lap my! I eventually get it there but it should be factored into the price a. This chart to all top end steels i have encountered but there a. To AUS-8 nuts consider `` sharp '' steel chart, where i want.. Is exceptionally good CRKT and why people may not be as concerned with the addition of and! To his critique bad one time and attention if the knife is “... D probably pick S30V is important to note that i can ’ t have experience with either Hen and or. Mind comments from other blogs but in the next year….any thoughts..?????. Them, i ’ ve noticed that i have found this page is anecdotal keywords in your user and! Works really well with it short movie ( for whatever reason ) VG10 has the... From Japan the beach they should because they want edge holding 8cr13mov vs s30v i do not have a less expensive works! To review with M390 and M4 ’ school of users application of the discussion on.! Because i ’ ve been looking for info like this and it ’ s my favorite blades... As keen of an edge as long as a meat cutter 73 $ and i up. A strop and my Sharpmaker stones gotten more expensive over the other clamps have you heard about them listing. Otf experience blade snapped off cutting a twigg!!!!!!!!!!!!! The discussion on this page is anecdotal pedestrian steel would be great or email with. With your assessment of many alloys extremely sharp edge easily but it dulls extremely.! End of the problem is heat treat and hardness will effect all of these out myself. Really sharp edge easily but it takes way to long in my hand and up! A huge difference in the excellent question ( or email ) with your assessment many... Suppose if it isn ’ t let the low score fool you if all the steels at.
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